5 Emails for Your Post-Purchase Automation (+ Examples)

20 Nov
5 Emails for Your Post-Purchase Automation (+ Examples)

You’ve done it.

After working tirelessly to market your eCommerce store and products, someone makes a purchase.


But the work isn't done yet. Because if there's anything better than a customer, it's a repeat customer.

Here's why: Past customers have a 27% chance of converting to repeat customers and spend 300% more money on average than new customers.

But to get repeat customers, we must strategically continue the conversations after they’ve purchased to increase their Lifetime Order Value (LTV) — an essential metric for every eCommerce store.

So if you want to make more money from repeat customers without spending more doing so, then Post-Purchase emails can help you do just that!

In this article, you will learn: 

  • 5 different post-purchase email examples 
  • Why these emails are essential to increase customer lifetime value 
  • How and when to incorporate these emails into your automation flow

5 Emails to Add to Your Post-Purchase Automation Funnel

1. Say Thank You!

For brick and mortar stores, part of good customer service and building a loyal customer base is being courteous and saying, “thank you.”

It’s pretty much Manners 101.

However, in a digital world where we don’t have a lot of real human interaction, we sometimes forget that we still need to say it after someone purchases from our brand.


A post-purchase "thank you" sent right after an order is placed can help you do that, but you don’t need to overthink it.

This email is easy to add to your automation, and it covers a lot of ground in gaining trust from first-time customers. But even for existing customers, saying "thank you" is always polite.

You can also use these emails as a chance to guide the customer experience further. You can include details on what to expect from your brand next, or maybe there are necessary instructions you can include regarding the product purchased.

In doing so, you add value to your brand while showing your customers that you’re committed to a long relationship with them.

2. Introduce Them To Your Brand

Usually, someone who buys from you knows enough about your brand to be comfortable enough to buy from you. This type of email is designed to build on what your new customers already know about your brand.


You can do this one of two ways.

  1. Have an email built into your post-purchase series, or
  2. Have a welcome email funnel designed to trigger a few days after purchase, and only to first-time buyers

Thankfully, both are simple to do.

With the first, you can add this email type as the second email in your funnel.

For the second, as you see with Bite Toothpaste here, you’ll need a well built welcome email automation set to trigger one day after someone's first purchase. Doing so gives you a great opportunity to say both “Thank You” and “Welcome to our brand.”

Whichever direction you decide to take, do your best to show what makes your brand unique and what their purchase is helping you do.


3. Personalized Product Recommendations

If you want to build customer loyalty and convert first-time buyers, then you shouldn’t leave it up to chance.

Follow-up post-purchase with product recommendations! Emails containing recommendations increase average order value (AOV) by 11% and lead to a 30% increase in sales conversion rates.


Take this email from Sephora, for example. Their messaging is clear and intriguing enough to click through. While Sephora added recommendations to a welcome email, they can be utilized in any post-purchase email, including the order confirmation email, rewards program emails, etc. 

It’s a great opportunity to feature your bestsellers or upsell/cross-sell related products to encourage repeat purchases! Send this 3-7 days after purchase and then another again 10-20 days after that if you like.

4. Offer a Discount

As mentioned earlier, if you want to increase your customer's lifetime value, you need to put in the effort by making offerings that are enticing enough.

And nothing is quite as enticing as a discount.

I love them.

You love them.

And your subscribers love them too. Seriously, promotional emails boast 14% higher open rates!


There’s something about getting a product you already like for an even better price. Adding a discount email to your post-purchase funnel is pretty straight forward.

Simply inAdding a discount email to your post-purchase funnel is pretty straight forward.

Simply include a special discount code (preferably one that’s unique to this funnel so you can track effectiveness), and trigger it to send 7-12 days after your first email.

To optimize effectiveness, try including copy such as “A special discount just for you” or “We love you! Here’s X% off your next purchase”.

Why say this or something to this effect?

Simple: It makes the customer feel special, like they’re the only ones getting this discount.

Too often, people spend a whole day going unappreciated and overlooked.

It’s frustrating.

Adding this sort of sentiment to your copy in these post-purchase emails can tug at that emotional need — plus, it’s nice to make people feel good.

Before you place an offer in your email, though, it’s always a good idea to make sure the offer doesn’t put you in the red. If not, it’s worth a test to see how this can increase returning customers and their lifetime value.

5. Ask For A Product Review

What do people think of your products?

It’s essential to find out if you want to lower returns, find areas for improvement, and gather positive reviews that you can place on your website to increase sales.


You can ask for a product review within your post-purchase funnel. Depending on the type of product purchased, send this email between 7-30 days after your first email. For an item of clothing, 7 days is a perfect amount of time to wear and experience the product. For items such as electronics or skincare, a more extended amount of time is appropriate to feel the full effect.

It’s understandable to feel some hesitation here. Getting any negative feedback can really hit you in the feels.

But don’t let fear hold you back.

Gathering reviews to show on your website can significantly impact gaining new customers and selling other products to current customers to increase LTV. 91% of adults ages 34 and under trust online reviews, and positive reviews make that same percentage of consumers more likely to use a brand. 

You can use a CTA with a link to a survey or a Facebook page to gather those reviews.

After about a month or so, you should have at least a few good reviews about your products that you can leverage in your social proof.


Post-Purchase Email Funnels: More Money In, Less Money Out

Want to hear a crazy statistic?

A small increase of 5% in customer retention can increase a company’s profitability by 75%.

Post-purchase emails aim to help assist your brand in improving customer retention through return customers. And if they can make even a seemingly small increase can impact your revenue exponentially.

If you haven’t already, considering putting together a post-purchase email funnel together for your eCommerce store.

If you already have one, revisit it to see how you can optimize it by adding one or more of these types of emails to it.

It can take a bit of time and testing to find the right funnel flow for your brand. But the numbers don’t lie. It’s worth trying out!

If you’re ready to take Sendlane for a spin, sign up for your 60-day free trial!

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