How to Make Your Next Launch a Massive Success (Phase 2 - The Reveal)

28 Dec
How to Make Your Next Launch a Massive Success (Phase 2 - The Reveal)

Last week we shared with you how to warm-up your audience with the first five emails of a full-fledged, high-performing, three-week funnel.

If you’re ready to turn the solution you’re launching into a money-making machine, here’s a breakdown of the next five emails in the 18-email funnel that transforms launches into wins.Friendly warning: This long campaign approach requires creating a lot of authority-building content. So, if you’re short on time and resources, try a Quick and Dirty Product Launch!

Now without further ado, we’ll show you how to move your contacts from the top of your funnel to the middle during the reveal phase.

(Then keep an eye out for Part 3 in our four-part series, where we’ll walk you through the bottom-of-funnel emails.) Let's begin!

1. The Solution Reveal (and Encore) Email

Start this email with a recap of what you shared during your free event. For example, if you’re launching a new popup service, you could say…

Hi [First Name], I was so happy that Cathy learned a mindblowing conversion optimization technique in our webinar yesterday. She and 309 other marketing pros joined us, and our Facebook group is exploding with amazing accounts of what people have been achieving with these strategies overnight.

Now you’ve really warmed your contacts up! Next comes the announcement about the solution you’re launching. Here’s where you can say something like…

Yesterday we also shared a little about the brand-new conversion-focused Pop-Smarts platform. As I mentioned, I’m super excited to finally give you: The first look at our new, blazingly fast WordPress popups plugin [add link].As you’ll see, it’s not just a plugin. It’s a visual popup builder!

From there, you can link your contacts to a video demo, or just show them a screenshot of what’s to come.  

Then in your P.S., invite your contacts to the encore of the event you held the day before. Try a postscript like...

P.S. If you missed the event yesterday, you can still find out all the techniques like the one that’s boosting Cathy’s conversions by 28%. Join the free encore right here [add link].

When to send it: 12 days before Launch Day

Why this works so well

First of all, anytime you have social proof to share, you have a powerful persuasion tool at your fingertips. After all, the best advertising you can achieve for your business actually comes from the people you’ve helped (and not from you)!

Next, you’re going simple and direct with your announcement, and offering an enticing preview that builds excitement for when people can get their hands on your solution. Plus, words like “brand-new,” “super excited,” “unveil,” and “blazingly fast” are red-hot emotional words that spark thoughts of “Yes! I can’t wait to grab that!”

And finally, the P.S. gives anyone who missed your free event the chance to get in on the action that already gave others amazing takeaways.

Check out how Flo Living combines a launch announcement with an encore invite:

Did you notice how they actually offer a series of videos in the P.S.? Earn bonus points for sharing even MORE friendly help than a single event!

2. The Encore Reminder Email

This one’s a lot like the opt-in reminder email that we shared with you in Part 1. It’s short and sweet, so it’s VERY easy to write.

For example, if you’re launching a course on skin care, simply say something like…

Hi [First Name], [Your Name] here with a quick reminder… don’t miss the encore of a free event TOMORROW called 3 Secrets to Sexy Skin. You’ll hear what over 400 women have already discovered about what to put (and what NOT to put) on their skin to look and feel BEAUTIFUL!You can register for the encore for free right here [add link].

When to send it: 11 days before Launch Day

Why this works so well

This email gives your contacts a second chance to take advantage of the free content you’re sharing with them.

It’s effective because it’s a friendly reminder that stresses urgency (TOMORROW!) and teases a tantalizing benefit.

Here’s a great reminder email to help you craft yours:

Listing out what attendees will learn is a great strategy to grab the attention of any contacts that might have been on the fence!


3. The Encore Reminder (Morning) Email

Like the Morning Reminder email from Part 1, this can be quite short and to the point.

Try an urgency-building subject line such as “Hurry for Sexy Skin! Encore starts in 1 hour.” In the body of your email, remind contacts what time the encore starts (and be sure to include the time zone). Then give them the access details, including the link to join your encore.

When to send it: 10 days before Launch Day

Why this works so well

People respond to a fear of losing out. Without a sense of urgency, your contacts might see this email come in from you and think “Hmmm… I’ll get back to this later.”

And then later never happens. With a sense of urgency, they’ll be drawn to open your email — and to click the link to your encore ASAP!

Check out this quick reminder email from the former Kissmetrics for inspiration:

The Encore of Your Free Event

It’s super easy to host an encore of your free event if it was an online affair such as a Facebook Live, a webinar, a video, etc. And even if you hosted a physical event, just record your Meetup, seminar, or whatever you organized. Then in either case, simply give your contacts a link to a page that has the recording embedded.

When to host it: 10 days before Launch Day

Why this works so well

First, anything that’s quick and easy for you to put together is awesome, right? In this case, the event is over — and it’s still paying off.

More importantly, you’ll find that welcoming a second wave of viewers to your event generates extra interest from people who missed their first chance.

4. The Free Event Recording and Q&A Announcement Email

In this email, you let your contacts know about a new and exciting event you have coming up: your Q&A! As an example, say you’re launching a fundraising platform. In this email, you might say…

Hi [First Name], Do you need to know how to write a fundraising appeal that brings in the money? I’m excited to let you know that on Tuesday we’re hosting a Q&A where you can get your fundraising questions answered. You’ll learn from a quick tutorial on persuasive copywriting, and you can even send your questions in right here in advance [add link].

In your P.S., be extra helpful by sharing the link to the recording of your free event/encore. Say something like…

In case you missed it (or need to review the tips) here’s the recording of our free event last week, 11 Fundraising Events to Raise Money for Your Cause. If you need to take what you glean to the next level, be sure to get your questions answered in the upcoming Q&A!

When to send it: 9 days before Launch Day

Why this works so well

Q&As are awesome because they work to seriously engage your audience. Your contacts will be stoked to ask about stuff they’re curious about —  including issues that are pertinent to their needs (such as details on how the solution you’re launching can help them solve their pain). And by sharing the link to your event recording, you’re giving them a chance to review the free content you already created to get them on the path.

Bonus points if you ask them to share the link with anyone they think your content can help!

Check out how Copy Hackers uses a simple format to share a recording of their free event.The next event they announce isn’t specifically a Q&A, but this email is still a great example:

5. The Q&A Reminder Email

Are you starting to love the reminder emails? They’re definitely quick! For this one, all you need is an opens-boosting subject line. Then just remind your contacts what time your Q&A starts and give ‘em the access details, including the link to join.

When to send it: 7 days before Launch Day

Why this works so well

It’s almost impossible to overstate the value of reminder emails. The more you use them, the more you see how they really do pull in the preoccupied peeps who don’t want to miss your events! Here’s a short and sweet reminder email from The Shift Network:

Your Q&A Event

You’ve sent a couple anticipation-building emails. Now it’s time for the next round of free content that your contacts are excited about: your Q&A. It’s good to start a Q&A with a super-quick tutorial or some kind of takeaway. Make it helpful... engaging… even transformative! For example, say you’re launching a course on energy medicine. Start your Q&A with a short meditation where you call in the aid of the four directions. Give participants a taste of what they can expect from you, and they’ll think of you immediately when they’re ready to bring healing into their lives even deeper.

Next, let the questions flow in. It helps to have a host read participants’ questions, and an expert answer them. And if you welcomed your contacts to ask questions in advance, be sure to address a mix of advanced questions and queries that come in live through the Facebook chat, for example.  

When to host it: 7 days before Launch Day

Why this works so well

People LOVE Q&As because they can get guidance from experts they admire. This kind of engagement deepens their bond with you — while you showcase your expertise.

Plus, at this point in the funnel, you’re almost at the home stretch. The people engaging in your Q&A are there because they’re interested in what you have to say and are VERY interested in what you have to offer. They’re warm, middle-of-funnel leads — many of whom just need to hear one thing that really hits home before they click Buy Now!


Build Your Successful Campaign Today  

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Test your results with these emails, and you’ll be glad you did! And if you’re ready to take ‘em to the next level… in Part 3 (of 4), we’ll show you how to drive conversions with the most powerful emails in this funnel.

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