10+ Best SMS Templates To Grow Your eCommerce Store

6 Jan
10+ Best SMS Templates To Grow Your eCommerce Store

SMS templates are an eCommerce business owner's best friend. They allow you to quickly and easily send out an effective message to a large number of people without having to type it all out each time or come up with new ones each and every time.

This can save you a lot of time and energy in your SMS campaigns and overall marketing strategy, which you can then use to grow your business!

In this article, we'll provide different SMS marketing templates you can use in your eCommerce business for various situations. Each of these SMS marketing examples can be used as a starting point that you can personalize to ensure your customers are receiving the most effective messages.

1. Discount offer

When you want to give your customers an incentive to purchase from your eCommerce store, then a discount offer is an excellent idea. Your SMS campaign can include exclusive discounts, a customer loyalty program, or seasonal offers. Here’s what a sample SMS template could look like:

SMS messages with an offer like this can be a great way to engage customers and make the discount feel more exclusive.

2. Black Friday

Black Friday is a great opportunity for eCommerce stores to increase sales. You can use the following SMS template to inform your customers about any special offers and deals running:

Text messages like this can help create more awareness around your eCommerce store's Black Friday deals. They can be sent before the actual sale, during the sale, and right before it's about to end as a last-chance offer.

3. Subscription reminder

If you're expecting a recurring subscription from one of your eCommerce store customers, you can use the following SMS template to remind them:

Using SMS messages like this is an easy way to give customers a much-needed reminder without feeling annoying or intrusive.


4. Welcome message

Sending eCommerce customers a personalized welcome message is a great way to give them a good first impression. Here's what a sample SMS template could look like:

Using an SMS message like this helps eCommerce stores welcome customers in a personalized and friendly way, which can drive more sales.

5. Invitation

Inviting customers to an eCommerce event or special promotion can be done using the following SMS template:

Maybe you're having an exclusive customer appreciation event or a special sale. Inviting customers to these events via SMS can help you create more buzz and get more people to show up.

6. Abandoned cart

Reminding customers about their abandoned carts can help eCommerce stores make more sales. Here's what a sample abandoned cart SMS template could look like:

Whether they left their cart because of pricing or a life distraction or they simply forgot, using an abandoned cart SMS message like this can help eCommerce stores get some of those lost sales back.

7. Product Launch

Sending eCommerce customers a commercial message is an effective way to promote new products and services. Here's what a sample SMS template could look like:

Text messages like this help eCommerce stores reach customers with timely offers and product announcements and encourage them to purchase. You can combine these types of SMS messages with your product launch emails for the biggest impact. Check out this product launch email template to bring your efforts together.

8. Survey

If you're looking for feedback from eCommerce customers, you can use the following SMS template as a starting point:

Customer feedback is the best way eCommerce stores can improve their products and services, but you won't know unless you ask. Text messages like this are easy to get customers to fill out a survey and provide valuable insights.


9. Referral

Getting customers to refer your eCommerce store to their friends and family is an excellent way to grow your sales. People are four times more likely to buy when a friend or family member refers them. Here's what a sample SMS template for a referral program could look like:

Text messages like this can help eCommerce stores drive more referrals and increase sales.

10. Shipping confirmation

Letting eCommerce customers know when their order has shipped is an important part of the customer experience. Here's what a sample confirmation SMS template could look like:

Using an SMS message like this helps eCommerce stores keep customers updated on their orders and builds trust with them. These shipping notifications can be set up through your eCommerce tech.

11. Booking confirmation

If eCommerce stores offer appointment bookings or any other kind of booking service, they can use the following confirmation SMS template to confirm it:

Text messages like this help eCommerce stores keep customers informed and can help eliminate any confusion or miscommunication.

12. Appointment reminder

Reminding eCommerce customers about their upcoming appointments is a great way to avoid no-shows. Maybe they've made an appointment for a virtual try-on or personal shopping but scheduled it months before. Here's what a sample SMS template could look like:

Using an SMS message like this helps eCommerce stores ensure that customers aren't forgetting their appointments and shows their employees that they also value their time.

Grow your eCommerce with SMS marketing automation

These are just some of the best eCommerce SMS templates that can be used to grow your eCommerce store's sales. By leveraging the power of SMS messages and combining them with re-engagement emails, eCommerce stores can increase customer engagement, build trust and loyalty, and drive more sales.

SMS marketing automation makes it easy to send personalized, timely messages to eCommerce customers. With the right eCommerce text message templates and a reliable SMS marketing tool or platform like Sendlane, eCommerce stores can reach more customers and grow their business.

You can test all of our SMS automation features on your store for free, too! Just sign up for an account here to get started — no credit card is required.

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