How to Make Your Next Launch a Massive Success (Phase 3 – The Release)

4 Jan
How to Make Your Next Launch a Massive Success (Phase 3 – The Release)

Over the last two weeks, we've been sharing exactly how to build a conversion-friendly email funnel for your next launch.

First we showed you five top-of-funnel emails to warm up your audience. Then we unveiled five middle-of-funnel emails for you to reveal your solution and move your contacts further along the buyer’s journey. Here, in part three of the series, we'll talk all about the "Release" phase of your launch, honing in on the next five emails you can use to tease, pre-sell and debut your solution!

Next week we’ll release the final installment, where we’ll walk you through three emails to keep scoring sales after you launch.

Friendly warning: This long campaign approach equips you with an entire launch strategy… and it requires creating a lot of authority-building content. If you’re short on time and resources, try a Quick and Dirty Product Launch!

If the long-game is what you're after, here’s a breakdown of how to actually release your solution and make your next launch a massive success:

5 steps to make your next launch a massive success

1. The Early-Bird Offer Email

In this email, you tempt your contacts with a limited-time, early-bird discount. You also really stress the urgency that they get in on the deal while they can.

For example, say you’re launching a course that’s $1800. Offer it for half price — but just for one day.

When to send it: 6 days before Launch Day

Why this works so well

Last year, a leading marketer released a course that I REALLY wanted to take. I’d been learning from his free content for months, and I was definitely ready to dive even deeper. His course was $2000, but when he sent me an email saying I could get in for $999 if I signed up that day… Well, I signed up that day! At this point in the funnel, your contacts are getting warmer and warmer. With every email you send, they’re getting more and more interested in what you’re launching. So when you offer them a time-sensitive discount just for them, they won’t be able to resist.

Check out how Circles Co. offers a soon-to-expire early-bird discount:

2. The Early-Bird Expires Email

This is a quickie letting your contacts know that they only have ONE HOUR (or a tight timeline of your choice) to seize that limited-time deal!It’s also a great example of an email where Sendlane’s tagging features come in super handy.

For instance, you can segment your contacts into two buckets: those who’ve seized your early-bird deal already, and those who haven’t. Then, you can retarget those who haven’t... VERY effectively with follow-up emails like this one and beyond.

When to send it: 5 days before Launch Day

Why this works so well

Did you know that 96% of consumers redeem digital coupons on a regular basis? When you offer a half-price deal... and when you pile urgency on top of savings… AND when you consider that by now your contacts are very ready to be sold to…...You’ll have hearts pounding as people scramble to get their credit card info entered in time.

Here’s inspiration for you from Jetpack. Note how they really turn on the urgency with the countdown timer (which had expired by the time we took this screenshot!):

This is an upgrade-expires email, but you can easily adapt it for your early-bird expires email.


3. The Q&A Recording Email

Remember the Q&A event we covered back in phase 2?

Well, that event is gonna come in handy again!In this email, share with your contacts a little about what happened in your Q&A, and give them the link to the recording. Basically, this email acts as a reminder of ALL the value they get from you... for free!

And if you plan to continue doing more events, let them know that too. For example, if you’re launching a product that people can buy anytime, such as handmade beeswax candles, you might want to announce that you’re starting a series of 12 full moon rituals (each of which happens to involve participants lighting candles!).  

When to send it: 3 days before Launch Day

Why this works so well

Sending your contacts the recordings of your problem-solving events is not only a helpful and considerate thing to do. It also helps with reciprocity.

Consider this: When someone gives you something, do you feel a sense of obligation to do something for them in return? You likely feel a need to honor a sense of give and take. In the same way, if you’re giving your contacts content they value, they’re likely to reciprocate by buying from you.

(And, if you choose to announce that you’re starting a series of free events, you’ll only boost your tribe — and your sales — even more.)

Check out how The Shift Network shares a link to their Q&A recording:

4. The Bonuses Email

Bonuses are supercharged persuasion tools. In this email, you let your contacts know what else you have for them in addition to the main solution you’re launching. What high-value extra(s) can they grab for FREE when they take action on your offer?

For example, say you’re launching an online course for men who want to build bigger muscles. If you offer a 1-hour coaching session (say, on keto) for free too, that could be an enticing bonus.

When to send it: 1 day before Launch Day

Why this works so well

A truly desirable bonus is a juicy incentive that sweetens the pot and makes people feel like they’re getting a great deal. Which they are! And who doesn’t love a great deal? The key is to make sure your bonus really has huge value in your contacts’ eyes. In the example above, if your contacts love you as an inspiring personality, they will jump for a bonus that enables engagement with you AND success with your solution.

Copy Hackers will inspire you with the bonus (plural bonuses, actually!) in the email sample you’ll see below. They entice their contacts with a $3k value for $97 per month:

Pretty smart huh?

5. The Launch Day Email

This is the big one! You’ve built anticipation for this moment, and now you’re announcing that your solution is finally available.

If it’s a course, it’s starting today.If it’s software, it’s accessible today.

If it’s a physical product, it’s shipping today.Start by sharing the link to where people can buy, emphasizing in what way they can gain access stat. (The link you’re sharing here is for people who are VERY ready to buy.)

Next, for those who are close to a purchase but a hair away, entice ‘em with how they’ll benefit from your solution… and why it’s so exciting that they can download it, access it, or have it shipped to them. Tell them what they’ll get, and how they’ll benefit.

Use a bit of urgency too (“You can register in time to get in on the course as soon as it starts” or “Be one of the first to get the all-new...”). Conclude with a strong and clear call to action (CTA). Tell your audience exactly what to do to seize your offer!

Bonus points if you use the precious real estate of your P.S. too. For this technique, give your contacts something exciting to do after they make the purchase. For example, “P.S. As soon as you’re signed up, come ask me your first Q in the Facebook community!”

Then share that link again, reinforcing your CTA. When to send it: On Launch Day

Why this works so well

By the time you send this email, your contacts will have been waiting — and they’ll be ready to buy. Send them a well-crafted, seductive sales email like this, and watch your numbers climb! Here’s some inspiration for you. Apple is renowned for building anticipation and killing it with hugely successful launches... and this example is no exception:

Notice how they use all the strategies we shared with you above (except the P.S.) — even while using minimal copy, lots of white space to ease the eye, and tons of tactile visuals. Plus, by ending with “get fast, free delivery,” they do great future pacing. Their contacts can’t help but visualize themselves unboxing their watches ASAP.  


Once You Release Your Solution What Comes Next?

We’ve made it easy to release your new solution with the step-by-step instructions in this post.You’ll never have to stress over how to structure a successful launch campaign ever again. Woo hoo!

But... is that it? Nope!

Want to keep closing sales well after launch day? Check out our final post in this series where we’ll show you how to use three emails to squeeze more sales for your main product.

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