Email Clipping Explained: How to Avoid it & Improve Deliverability

4 Apr
Email Clipping Explained: How to Avoid it & Improve Deliverability

Every area of your email is vital real estate for making sales, connecting with your customers, and growing your brand. 

So it gets rather frustrating after all the effort you put into your campaigns when you’re constantly running into a common issue known as email clipping on Gmail. 

Whether you know about it or not, this issue happens every day; it’s messing with your data and throwing off the analytics of your campaigns, making it even harder to know how your emails performed.

Thumbs down to that!

In this article, we’ll go over:

  • What email clipping is
  • Why emails are getting clipped 
  • What the heck the MJML framework is and 
  • How this that framework makes emails even better for a customer experience 

Email Clipping and The Problem with Most ESPs 

You may not have noticed it before, but your email account is riddled with messages that are clipped. 

If you have a Gmail account, you can open a few emails and soon run into a message like this at the bottom of one of those emails.  

clipped email message

That’s a clipped message. And depending on the size of the email itself, a large chunk of the email will not be shown.

Since very few people ever notice this in their email, very few click the button to view the whole email. This throws your email analytics for a very real loop and doesn’t give you all the data you need to make good email marketing decisions since you’re getting skewed numbers. 

Email Clipping: Why does it happen? 

Why does email clipping happen? 

In short, it’s because the design of your email makes it too large. 

email for book recommendations

In Gmail, once your email hits 100kb on a desktop, they clip the email. If that same email is viewed on the mobile device, that size cuts in half to only 50 kbps. 

That’s not a lot of wiggle room for your designs… 

The size issue relates directly to the responsive design. Most popular eCommerce email providers and email designs use what’s called HTML5 code. This code, even though it’s widely used, is not responsive and doesn’t adjust to various email clients. 

That is why a whole lot of emails end up getting clipped. The best way to sidestep this problem is to switch to responsive design. 

And in email, the best way to switch to responsive design is to use MJML. 

What the Heck is MJML? (And Why It’s The Best Way To Avoid Email Clipping) 

MJML stands for Mail Jet Markup Language. 

It originated from a group of developers at Mailjet (now Pathwire) who set out to help developers code emails more simply and efficiently. So, they developed a markup

language that simplifies the complexity of responsive HTML and automatically generates it.

MJML is basically a fancy term to mean this is a code that is a responsive design framework for email compression.

It allows your emails to automatically resize to the email client and helps prevent email clipping down to almost zero occurrences. 

That’s why it’s the best way to avoid this issue.

So how can you start using MJML and keep your emails from getting clipped? There are a couple of ways to do that. 

How To Fix Email Clipping: The Hard Way vs. The Easy Way 

If you want to avoid email clipping, there are only a few routes. Sure, you could send plain text emails, but most eCommerce brands need to include visuals to keep their designs branded. 

That leaves you with two options really. The easy way or the hard way.

The hard way looks a lot like this… 

  • Hire a designer if you don’t have one already
  • You start your search for a developer who specializes in MJML
  • Hire that developer 
  • Pay the designer for your email design 
  • Pay the developer to code that design with MJML
  • Send your email
  • Repeat for every email and spend a lot of money in the process

That’s the hard way, and it’s going to be the reality of what you’d need to do UNLESS you prefer to go the easy route. 

What’s that? 

Switching your email marketing platform to one that already uses the MJML Framework so that your emails are automatically responsive.

In case you guessed it, yes! Sendlane’s email builder has the MJML Framework pre-baked right into the platform. Huzzah!


That means you can skip that hard process (and expense) we reviewed above while having no more clipped emails, better analytics, and better data! 

In 2022, we dug deep and launched our latest email builder. Now it’s even easier to use with new features to make it even more valuable to our customers. 

Our email builder has the easy drag-and-drop functionality we all know and love with MJML at its core. That means no more last-minute tweaks for responsiveness or trying to decipher what lines of code mean. 

Within your account, you also have access to an evergrowing email Template Center which you customize to create branded emails that aren’t cursed with the dreaded Gmail clip. 

email templates

On top of that, every aspect of the email builder is designed to save you time

You can save Default Settings and Content Blocks to ensure uniformity with every send. Plus, with Multivariate Testing, you can test different design variations to make sure that only the most engaging version hits the inbox.

Are you ready to wave bye-bye to clipped emails? 

Start your 60-day free trial right here and take Sendlane’s email builder and responsive features for a spin. 

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