Sendlane's Annual Team Building Trip 2019 - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

13 May
Sendlane's Annual Team Building Trip 2019 - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Here at Sendlane, team building is more than just trust falls and scavenger hunts.

For us, it's an opportunity for us to pull ourselves away from our desks, get to know one another on a deeper level, and truly bond as a team.

And this year we headed to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for our annual team building trip!

From a yacht excursion to the small beach village of Yelapa (paddle boarding and inner tubing included!) to ATVing through the jungles of Jalisco, and finishing it all off with a sunset cruise across Banderas Bay to the cove of Las Caletas where we enjoyed an oceanfront dinner and an outstanding Cirque du Soleil show... we created memories that will last us a lifetime.

After all the tacos have been eaten, fun in sun (and a few sunburns) has been had... how do we know it was worth it? We look around the office and see a team with stronger connections, leadership that better understands the people they're leading, and ultimately a company that's been refreshed, rejuvenated, and inspired to make 2019 our best year yet.

We hope you enjoy this "snapshot video" of our team adventure as we take you along for the ride!

We are marketing automation. We are family. We are Sendlane!

Film and edited by Hung Vo // IG:@hvoooo

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