10 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Email Marketing Examples

13 Nov
10 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Email Marketing Examples

The holiday season is stressful, we know! Throw that in with running an eCommerce store AND in the middle of a pandemic? Phew! 

So, to make it a little easier this season, we are gifting you some holiday marketing inspiration!

We’re breaking down ten of the best Cyber Monday emails from online retailers that will help you take advantage of the surge in eCommerce holiday shopping.  

In this article, you will learn:

  • 10 types of Cyber Monday emails to help you increase holiday sales
  • How big brand eCommerce retailers nailed their Cyber Monday & Black Friday emails
  • How you can implement these ideas into your email marketing strategy using Sendlane

10 Cyber Monday & Black Friday Email Examples to Inspire Your Next Campaign

1. Take the minimalistic approach

Consumers today are smart, savvy, and able to see through marketing messaging faster than ever, for this reason, the simpler your offering, the better.

The Cienne brand takes on a simplistic approach in their branding, and this Cyber Monday email from them is no exception.

  • Where they nailed it: They kept this email campaign short, sweet, and to the point. It fits the Cienne brand, which is clean, modern, and minimalist. 
  • What they could have improved: The copy at the bottom of the email could be more prominent, and the ‘Shop Now’ call to action could be a bold, white button. It’s essential to ensure that buyers can click through without hesitation

How This Could Work For You

If your online store is known for a minimalist approach, your subscribers expect a simple touch on every interaction.

To execute this holiday email properly, have a clear email subject line such as ‘Shop Now: site-wide 25% off sale.’ For maximum impact, remember to include this CTA in the body of your email as well.

To make this easy, Sendlane offers access to over 50 pre-designed templates, so you never forget to add that precious CTA button again!

2. Motivate customer with the final countdown

You’ve probably seen countdown timers on emails, landing pages, Facebook ads, and more. It's an effective approach because it creates a sense of urgency with the reader.

Keeping the countdown right at the top of the email is the best way to show the recipient that this email requires fast action; thus, motivating them to move now.

  • Where they nailed it: Glossier ups the ante by highlighting when the offer expires, they kept it simple but effective by outlining their deals at the top with a clear cut CTA button.
  • What they could have improved: The text is a little too small. We would suggest enlarging or bolding the header text to make the deals and CTA stand out even more.

How This Could Work For You

Okay, so maybe this approach is a touch less dramatic than the 1986 Final Countdown hit, but seriously – when your readers see that ticker counting down to the end of an epic Cyber Monday sale, they will be eager to take immediate action.

The element of a countdown timer works whether you are offering a Cyber Week sale or a 24-hour Cyber Monday sale!

Once you have created a ton of customer motivation, you need to be prepared to fulfill your orders! Sendlane offers integrations to Shopify and deep-data reporting - making it easy to accept and track all of those Cyber Monday purchases.

3. Be bold this holiday season with strong imagery

When used correctly, imagery will direct the reader exactly where you want them to look.

In this case, with Magic Spoon, your eye is drawn straight to their CTA: Add to Cart, Order Now.

  • Where they nailed it: Magic Spoon knows how to make Monday mornings exciting! We love this Cyber Monday Email because the eye-catching imagery and the fun play on words draw your eyes all the way down their email.
  • What they could have improved: We wouldn’t change much for this excellent email but, Magic Spoon could have moved the 20% off graphic above the cereal image, so the deal stood out even more.

How This Could Work For You

When choosing your imagery, turn towards bright colors and playful copy. If you are tech-savvy, create a fun animated gif.

This approach is sure to entertain even the most serious customer!

Sendlane’s drag and drop editor will help you create an eye-catching email design, like this one, rich in graphics and design.


4. Make shoppers laugh with the comedic approach

Show us a person who doesn’t like to laugh. By harnessing the power of humor, your email campaign will be sure to stand out from the crowd.

Humor in marketing, if used correctly, can significantly increase open rates and click-throughs.

  • Where they nailed it: Chubbies is answering the need of weary, long-weekend peeps who are doing their Black Friday holiday shopping… from their bed, perhaps? Their email is funny, relatable, and the deal is intriguing enough to tap that CTA. 
  • What they could have improved: While intriguing, the deal is also a little misleading. Are the shorts on sale for $29.50, or are they merely highlighting a post-Thanksgiving must-have?

How this could work for you

As marketers, we love a good pun or a catchy joke. If you can make your content more engaging with a good punch-line, you can still get readers to click-through even if your product isn't on super sale.

Sendlane's in-depth campaign reporting and deep-data integrations will allow you to track your campaign's engagement progress and revenue!

5. Take the fun approach with a play on words

When a contact opens up a bold and beautiful email, they know exactly what they are in for, right from the start.

It takes little effort for them to read the copy and know precisely what clicking on your CTA button will give them.

  • Where they nailed it: Lulu Lemon is loud and proud of their Cyber Monday deals, and they aren’t afraid to show it! The bold and creative imagery (and a good play on words) keeps you engaged throughout the email as you look for the topic you want to shop for. 
  • Where they could have improved: Lulu could have included more information about the sale to exude more excitement from the shopper. Instead, shoppers will have to WANT to click through to find out more.

How this could work for you

Though the graphics in this email template seem complicated, they can be easily executed in a basic graphic design site and popped into one of Sendlane's pre-designed email templates

Don't forget to include details of your sale with a clear CTA, and you're good to go!

6. Make the shopping experience easy with calculated savings

Show your cards right off the bat by telling the reader exactly what their dollar savings will be; making their online shopping experience that much easier!

  • Where they nailed it: It’s one thing for Designmodo to say 60% off, but it’s another thing to show customers what that discount percentage actually amounts to! It’s a lot easier for the reader to see value in the sale when they look at the regular price redlined, with the sale price highlighted in big, bold, happy letters.
  • Where they could have improved: The design is a bit confusing. In Designmodos email, the original price for Qards appears to be $39.99, reduced to $39. In actuality, the original price was $99, with the sale price being $39. They could have made the regular price more evident by using another dollar sign or the word “Originally.” An extra big oops for a design company.

How this could work for you

Take away the guesswork, and your holiday shoppers will thank you! Start with your four most popular products and show your contacts exactly how much money they’ll save once they click through!

Speaking of click-throughs, we can help you track all your analytics, including open and click rates, bounces, top link clicks, and more.

7. Display benefits for the non-sale, sale

‘We are not having a sale’ sale because ‘all of our things are already on sale,’ sale.

Confused? Sending a non-sales email on a popular sales day doesn’t have to be a head-scratcher.

Everlane executed this approach very well.

  • Where they nailed it: Everlane uses smart copy to remind their audience of their already everyday low prices. They are creating value for the customer without joining the deep discount train.
  • Where they could have improved: The product images and colors are a bit B-O-R-I-N-G. Everlane could have opted for pictures that show the clothing on models or even used animated images, using the power of movement and design to stand out against their inbox competitors.

How this could work for you

If you cannot discount your items further, take the time to remind your customers how you already add value to their lives!

Maybe you have the lowest prices in the industry or have a rare and niche product offering. Or, by offering a free gift with purchase, you aren’t discounting, but you are still adding value to each transaction.

Find a way to turn your non-sale email into Cyber Monday cha-ching using Sendlane's deep-data integrations!

8. Create a sense of urgency

When done well, this approach will make your customers think: ‘OMG, if I don’t log in fast enough, I am going to lose out on the best deals ever.’ How is that for urgency?

Take a page out of Herschel’s book and keep the messaging simple so that the call to action remains clear.

  • Where they nailed it: Herschel created immediate urgency with their ‘Final Countdown’ copy, offering ‘deeper site-wide’ discounts. This text prompts the reader to wonder what the regular prices are! How much am I saving?! I need to know!
  • Where they could have improved: Coupon codes, oh my! This offering could be simplified by highlighting the one coupon code that offers the most significant savings and leaving the rest for when the reader clicks through to the website.

How this could work for you

Keep your email super simple and to the point; you can use a touch of text, with one bold discount code, to prompt your readers to learn more. No fluff here – just the good stuff!

Remember, if you are working within different time zones, some of your clients will hit the stroke of midnight before others.

Sendlane can optimize send times for you, so you don’t have to worry about sending your ‘One Day Only’ email out a smidge too soon.


9. Play the numbers game to grab shoppers' attention

When you save a bunch of money at your favorite shoe store, you probably don’t tell your friend that you saved 20%. You most likely tell your friend that you saved $40!

This is because dollar amounts are so much easier for buyers to relate to.

  • Where they nailed it: Design Within Reach boasts that you will ‘Save $1,000’ on a super sexy chair. By offering up a significant dollar amount like this, they grab the attention of their readers immediately.  
  • Where they could have improved: The reader may only click through if they are interested in that particular Shell Chair by Hans Wegner. Design Within Reach could have boosted their click-through rates by making it more obvious that they were also offering a site-wide sale for non-chair shoppers.

How this could work for you

Our new and improved dashboard highlights your top revenue-driving campaigns, best-selling products (and more), making it even easier to decipher what your customers want to see more of.

Choose your most popular product or service and give exact savings in dollar format! Keep the imaging clean, and include copy that is to the point.

10. Highlight your branding with unique hero images

A hero image is the first visual that a reader encounters, so it’s a critical piece of the puzzle. On websites, it’s the large banner image. In emails, it’s the image that is used front and center.

A hero image should be captivating and unique.

  • Where they nailed it: Casper is all about a good nights’ sleep, and their ‘Gift of Sleep’ along with the gift-wrapped ZZZ’s is a perfect way to incorporate their company’s purpose.
  • Where they could have improved: Casper gives away too much in the footer of the email. They could have pulled back on the copy, allowing the imagery and call to action to be the heroes. For instance, the text below could have said, ‘You snooze, you lose,’ keeping the ‘Shop Now’ button.

How this could work for you

Choose a Sendlane template, then find an eye-catching image that works with your company mission and product offering.

Add a clear headline, make the Cyber Monday deal more visible, and then a big call to action button.

Get Started With Your Own Cyber Monday Emails!

See! We promised to have you covered with a bunch of do-able Cyber Monday email ideas. 

Whichever direction you choose to go this, whether it's minimalistic, bold, or comedic, these email templates will help you drive successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales! 

The best part? They can all easily be created inside Sendlane! Start your 60-day free trial now!

Interested in learning about customer lifetime value? Check out these strategies on how increase it with email marketing.

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