How to Use Machine Learning Open Predictability to Skyrocket Email Performance

How to Use Machine Learning Open Predictability to Skyrocket Email Performance

How to Use Machine Learning Open Predictability to Skyrocket Email Performance

Picture this:

You've collected detailed information about your contacts, segmented them into targeted lists, and launched a stunning email campaign.

Yet, your contacts have ended up ignoring your email. What do you think went wrong?

Sometimes, even the best email campaigns can fail because of a single issue: email scheduling.

That's exactly why sending out emails at the right time is just as important as sending them in the first place!

But let's face it. It can be challenging to track the best time for each contact to receive an email from you.

*Insert Sendlane's Machine Learning Open Predictability*

By automating the entire process, this tool makes sure that your emails reach each unique contact in your list at just the right time!

In this post, you'll find out what Machine Learning Open Predictability is, how it can help you, and how to get started with it in Sendlane.

Let's get started!

What is Machine Learning Open Predictability?

Machine Learning Open Predictability is a tool that helps you send out email campaigns to your contacts when they're most likely to engage with your messages.

It gathers information on each contact's behavior by tracking the exact time they open your emails and then using it to schedule future emails separately for each contact!

For example, contact A might be more likely to open and click on your emails at 7:00 am, while contact B might be more responsive around 3:00 pm.

When you enable Machine Learning Open Predictability, your email campaigns will automatically send to each contact at the optimal time.

Meaning, that contact A would receive your email at 7:00 am, and contact B would receive it at 3:00 pm!

Since Machine Learning Open Predictability draws its intelligence from your contacts' past behavior, it works best if you've run several email campaigns in the past.

More campaigns = more data for the tool to work with = more accurate timings!

Benefits of Machine Learning Open Predictability

The most significant advantage of Machine Learning Open Predictability is it gives you an accurate picture of how and when your contacts respond to your email.

This data allows you to develop highly personalized email campaigns and send them at optimal times, which can boost your open and click-through rates!

When contacts receive your email at a favorable time, not only are they more likely to open it, they'll be more likely to click on any CTA, image, or link you've included inside!

Plus, using Machine Learning Open Predictability means you don't have to do any manual work.

The tool automatically sends emails at the best time for each contact, and continuously improves your email delivery schedule by learning from past campaigns!

How to enable Machine Learning Open Predictability in Sendlane 

Enabling Machine Learning Open Predictability in Sendlane takes a single click—literally!

Let's say that a clothing store wants to send out an email blast about a Summer Madness sale with Machine Learning Open Predictability.

Here's what they'll do.

After they've created the email campaign, they'll move to the Scheduling screen.Before hitting send, all they need to do is check the Machine Learning Open Predictability box. That's it!


The tool will then track the behavior of each contact on their list, and automatically send the email to each contact at a time they're most likely to engage with it.

Here's how the email will look like in the Campaigns dashboard:


The campaign status can show Sending for up to 24 hours, ensuring that each contact receives the email when they're most likely to open it.

Optimize your send times with Machine Learning Open Predictability

If you thought that personalization was just about changing email design, content, or subject lines, think again.

With Sendlane's Machine Learning Open Predictability tool, you can now personalize send times again, without any manual work!

Optimizing email send time for each unique contact can boost your engagement rates and maximize subscriber satisfaction.

Sign up for Sendlane’s 14-day free trial and take it for a test drive!

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