6 BigCommerce Apps for Your Multi-storefront Tech Stack

26 Apr
6 BigCommerce Apps for Your Multi-storefront Tech Stack

Managing multiple storefronts in separate accounts is one thing — connecting all of them to a single back-end platform is a dream scenario for merchants.

And this is exactly what BigCommerce’s multi-storefront (MSF) feature is all about!

By using one BigCommerce account to power multiple storefronts, you can track consolidated insights and get a holistic view of your customers, products, and systems.

The result? Easier day-to-day management, less friction, amazing shopper experiences, and skyrocketing sales!

In this post, we’ll introduce you to our pick for a BigCommerce multi-storefront marketing stack — a selection of apps that are approved by BigCommerce to work with their MSF feature.

Let’s dive in.


Affirm is a buy now, pay later solution that helps you convert more shoppers into customers. How? By offering them flexible payment options!

Instead of paying the full price of a product upfront, customers can make smaller, simpler payments over time (think: $250 vs. $20/month.)

For sellers, this translates into more customers and sales and a higher average order value!

The best part is that Affirm is fully compatible with BigCommerce’s Multi-Storefront. This means you can simplify payments for your shoppers on multiple stories while managing everything from a single platform.

Affirm features for multi-store owners:

  • Promotional messaging
  • Enhanced analytics


Gorgias is a customer happiness tool (think: help desk and live chat app) for eCommerce stores. But what makes this tool special is it lets you centralize your support, meaning you can view, answer and organize all customer requests in one place!

For multi-store owners, this means not having to go back and forth between different support platforms, resulting in delayed responses and frustrated customers. And let’s be honest — no one wants to buy from brands with poor customer service.

Luckily, with Gorgias, this is not a problem. You can easily manage email, phone, chat, and social conversations of multiple stores from one help desk. Say hello to lightning-fast response, more efficient support, and happy customers!

Gorgias features for multi-store owners:

  • Multi-channel customer support
  • Automated and personalized responses
  • Triggered live chat conversations
  • Access to customer data and purchase history
  • Support analytics and revenue statistics
"Whether you have one brand or 30, providing an exceptional customer experience is crucial. Merchants can have unlimited brands within Gorgias, so support agents can work in one platform and have cross-store context- making it possible for merchants to talk to their entire customer base on any channel, for any store."  - Mia Bobak, Tech Partner Manager, Gorgias 


Justuno is a conversion marketing platform that helps online sellers engage and convert shoppers at various touchpoints in their journey.

With this tool, multi-store owners can add email pop-ups, cart abandonment offers, coupon codes, countdown timers, and more to their storefronts to drive more sales!

Since Justuno is also Multi-Storefront compatible, you can use it to optimize conversions for all your stores from one dashboard.

Multi-storefront functionality is key in your tech stack, and it starts with your platform! BigCommerce’s release of MSF empowers retailers to create completely unique storefronts powered by a single store consolidating backend logistics and data.

Justuno features for multi-store owners:

  • Sub-account feature to add different store domains
  • Custom opt-in forms with gamification
  • Targeting and segmentation based on visitor behavior
  • A/B testing to optimize your marketing offers
  • Conversion analytics for multiple stores
This is powerful as e-commerce continues to grow, crossing borders, and DTC brands go international. BigCommerce’s introduction of MSF shows their dedication to powering the next wave of growth for e-commerce, for B2B, DTC, and beyond. - Derek Booth, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Justuno



Sendlane is an email and SMS marketing platform that helps you deliver unified, memorable customer experiences!

With the perfect mix of data-driven features, seamless integrations, and an easy-to-use interface, you’re able to dazzle customers at every stage of their journey.

For BigCommerce users that own multiple stores, Sendlane offers tons of benefits!

You can sync data from all your stores with your Sendlane account. You can also use this data to create intelligent automations, hyper-personalized segments, tailored marketing messages, and more!

Sendlane features for multi-store owners:

  • Multi-store connection to manage all your data in one place
  • Deep-data integration with your BigCommerce store
  • Personalized email and SMS marketing
  • Multivariable segmentation for targeted marketing
  • Real-time analytics to track performance
  • Advanced split testing of marketing messages
  • Data-driven automations, funnels, and triggers
  • Integrations with other top BigCommerce apps like and Justuno

+ See the top email marketing software for BigCommerce


ShipStation makes order fulfillment a breeze — especially if you’re running multiple online stores. The shipping app connects to your BigCommerce store in seconds and imports order data from all your stores in one place so you can get those products to your customers faster and at the best possible delivery rates!

Integrate with your favorite carriers and inventory platforms, access discounted rates, view intuitive dashboards, set up automation rules, and even batch print hundreds of branded shipping labels with a few clicks.

ShipStation features for multi-store owners:

  • Import, manage, and ship orders from multiple selling channels
  • Set up a self-service Branded Returns Portal
  • Batch print branded shipping labels and packing slips
  • Customize and display live shipping rates
BigCommerce's Multi-Storefront makes expanding how and where they sell even easier for our merchants. Thanks to our partnership and integration with BigCommerce, enterprise-level BigCommerce/ShipStation users can seamlessly branch into new markets and easily connect and manage all of their orders from all of their storefronts with just a few clicks! - Greg Ahneman, Strategic Business Development Manager, Auctane


ShipperHQ makes it easy to build a custom shipping strategy for your online storefronts! The app connects easily to your BigCommerce store and helps you show accurate delivery dates and real-time shipping rates.

ShipperHQ helps minimize friction for multi-store owners and turns visitors into buyers by displaying transparent costs and delivery times.

You can also set up shipping rules for different storefronts, geographic zones, and cart quantities and even offer tailored delivery methods for each store, all from one dashboard.

ShipperHQ features for multi-store owners:

  • Display accurate shipping rates and delivery times
  • Create dynamic shipping rules and restrictions
  • Connect with 50+ small package and LTL freight carriers

ShipperHQ can connect to multiple BigCommerce storefronts, optimizing the shipping and checkout experience for conversions across multiple storefronts from a single dashboard. We're also working with the BigCommerce Product Team to further enable the ability to curate that shipping experience on a per-store basis. - Jared Smith, Head of Sales at ShipperHQ

Take advantage of multi-storefront marketing tools for BigCommerce

With BigCommerce’s Multi-Storefront, you can manage a bunch of different storefronts from a single dashboard. This makes it easy to expand into new markets, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and make smarter, data-driven decisions.

But to truly benefit from the Multi-Storefront feature, tap into the full stack of marketing tools mentioned above!

Running multiple stores doesn’t have to be hard if you have the right tools at your disposal. The integrations above will help you optimize conversions, payments, shipping, and email marketing from one place.

Ready to take your online stores to the next level? Install our app for a free 60-day trial and put our integration to the test!

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