How Can Marketing Automation Help Your BigCommerce Web Store?

12 May
How Can Marketing Automation Help Your BigCommerce Web Store?

BigCommerce is a hosting solution that does the heavy lifting with store creation, SEO and security, letting business owners focus on the bigger picture growing the company.

With industry giants from over 150 countries — including Sony, Ben & Jerry’s and Vodafone — it is truly a force to be reckoned with.

That said, not everyone uses it to its full potential. That’s why we offer BigCommerce marketing automation integration, to create an opportunity for businesses to drive ahead of their competitors.

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What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation makes use of software to help automate a marketing team’s monotonous tasks. The work that a marketer could do in their sleep is something that can be handed over to marketing automation software.

The benefits of which, help your marketing team to streamline their workload, save time and improve efficiency. 

With automated tasks ticking along in the background, marketers can focus on providing a more personalized and tailored experience in other areas.

Why Use Marketing Automation with BigCommerce?

Since the pandemic began, selling online has become the order of the day. Marketing automation is an effective way to generate new leads and conversions in an increasingly competitive global eCommerce marketplace.

This is especially handy when you take the sheer volume of promotional platforms out there into account. Each of these needs dedicated time and energy, which is usually in short supply in a fast-paced work environment.

Combining BigCommerce with a marketing automation solution just makes sense.

The platform is the result of more than a decade of tweaks and updates, which has created a seamless user experience, coupled with integration capabilities like no other. 

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Going beyond just ticking the boxes

By introducing marketing automation into your BigCommerce web store, it’s possible to do more than just tick the boxes. Sendlane’s Deep-Data for BigCommerce integration means complementing the creation of highly targeted, well-timed creative campaigns. It also eliminates the need for manually setting these up or tracking the performance along the way.

To showcase the power of the collaboration, we’ve set out three specific ways that marketing automation integration can boost a BigCommerce web store like yours.

How do you automate email marketing with BigCommerce?

1. Use data to discover your customer journey

When your business automates its digital marketing efforts, it creates an opportunity to get to know your audience on a completely different level. This frees up more time to study analytics reports and makes it easier to highlight specific KPIs for the best ROI.

Having access to the right data allows you to track the entire user journey, which counts from the first interaction with your store right through to when the sale is either made or abandoned.

The latter might suggest that something went wrong with the specific point of the sales funnel. Luckily, a data deep-dive will highlight the problem and allow you to send over an abandoned cart email to remind your customers about the goods they’ve left behind.

BigCommerce and big data

BigCommerce is incredible at helping businesses understand what’s working and what isn’t. And the marketing automation integration with Sendlane takes this to another level. Our software gives you detailed, to-the-point performance reports, meaning you don’t need to sift through and analyze tons of data. 

Analyzing these not only paints a picture of how your customers are engaging with specific campaigns but also with your web store as a whole.

The result is a new opportunity to switch things up and turn cold leads into hot ones. New campaigns can even turn one-time buyers into repeat purchasers.

2. Identify opportunities for email or SMS marketing automation

Email marketing is the perfect tool for your business to speak directly to leads and existing customers. Executing these campaigns manually can, however, be very complicated. This is especially true if it involves a lengthy master list of subscribers which hasn’t been broken into smaller segments yet.

Consider investing in marketing automation software to easily target customers directly with future email campaigns.

This is essential to the success of any digital marketing strategy. The “spray and pray” approach might have worked better two decades ago but, today, people expect more personalized experiences, where brands take their needs into consideration.

3. Building trust through email segments

The Sendlane team knows the importance of building trust in a bid to retain customers in a competitive eCommerce landscape. For this reason, we like to take the idea of targeted messaging and kick it up a notch.

Our platform allows businesses to send targeted emails and SMS messages based on customer behavior and shopping habits. Have customers that prefer sneakers to sandals? Or maybe you have a segment of high-value buyers you’d like to give the VIP treatment to. Create a segment to group them together, so they only see the messages that are meant for their eyes.

Over time, this high level of attention to detail makes it possible to turn regular customers into lifelong brand champions.

And who doesn’t want that?

4. Follow Up and Reward Loyalty

Once your business has gotten to know which audience segments are more likely to convert, you can pay extra special attention to them.

But, we suggest not to bombard them with information. Instead, try following up with them here and there, along with rewarding them for their loyalty.

Think of a loyalty card for your favorite coffee shop - the more coffee you buy, the closer you get to a free cup. Now apply that same idea to your digital store.

Offer freebies and special offers for the customers that buy from you more, and keep them coming back for the extra gifts.


This kind of thinking should be applied to any marketing avenues your strategy includes, like email, social media and SMS marketing.

The same goes for short surveys. These give you the chance to ask people what they liked about the product they bought, as well as the actual process of doing so.

The key to doing this right lies in respectful messaging, along with offering an incentive for them to engage with you. This is a way to show them that you care about them and that you’re committed to rewarding loyalty wherever possible. 

You may consider looking too at this article about How BigCommerce Merchants Can Maximize Their Loyalty Program for more guidance about rewards programs.

Clear and concise for the win

As a general rule, follow-up messaging should always be clear and concise. The customer should know right away what you are asking them to do, along with what they get in return.

This can be anything from a special discount on their next purchase, right through to free shipping for a limited period of time.

But try not to be overly promotional with your wording. Ask for feedback gently. Mindful of your good intentions, it may even result in a surprising “word of mouth”-driven sale somewhere down the line.


Which platform is best for marketing automation?

There are a number of platforms out there to make use of when it comes to eCommerce automation

One of the best ones for marketing automation is SendLane.

As an email and SMS marketing automation software for eCommerce, it’s a suitable choice for those looking to automate the marketing efforts made for your online store’s growth.

Sendlane top features:

  • Email & SMS marketing - Make use of popular marketing strategies that are highly effective in converting leads.
  • Intelligent Pop-Ups - Help capture more email subscribers and reduce cart abandonment.
  • Marketing automation - Automate personalized communication based on customer behavior.
  • Real-time analytics - Discover real-time data from click open rates to exact products purchased.

* Easy BigCommerce integration

Sendlane allows you to easily integrate with a number of applications from Shopify, to BigCommerce.

If you want to increase your BigCommerce conversion rate, then Sendlane can effortlessly integrate with BigCommerce in just one click.

With BigCommerce linked up, you can connect all your BigCommerce stores at no cost and use Sendlane to help reduce cart abandonment rates and nuture leads.

Integrations like BigCommerce mean you can offer a customer experience that tops your competition and is tailored to every person who buys from your store.

* Integration with Other eCommerce Web Store Hosts

If your online business has an existing host that isn’t BigCommerce, you can still make marketing automation integration happen. Sendlane’s tool has been designed to be integrated with any online store hosting platform.

Isn’t that lucky?

This means that even if you’re unwilling or unable to make the switch to BigCommerce, your business will still be able to reap the rewards of what we’ve mentioned here today.

The integration with BigCommerce is pretty much as seamless as it gets. So easy, in fact, that it only takes a single click from within the platform to link the two. From there, the opportunities to amplify your eCommerce marketing efforts are endless.

* Effective management of multiple stores

If you’re actively running multiple web stores at the same time, you don’t have to waste time automating your marketing across different accounts. Sendlane offers integration that pulls an unlimited amount of stores together into a central space.

This allows you to manage them all effectively, without having to scramble to keep track of multiple campaigns across multiple stores at the same.

Take a look at these other BigCommerce multi-storefront apps that would make it much easier for you! After all, there’s no need to make things more complicated than they need to be.

* Personal data management and compliance considerations

The GDPR data protection law has changed the way the world views customer data. Any personal information that your business comes into contact with across its marketing campaigns or customer interactions now has to be very carefully managed.  

Sendlane’s customer data platform sets out to help businesses remain compliant at all times. We even go as far as to update our software regularly, in order to cater to any new demands of changing legislation.

The goal, of course, is to help companies stay compliant, as the highly digital modern world grapples with the best ways to go about data protection as a whole.

Business owners and marketing teams shouldn’t have to feel like they are being pulled in multiple directions every day.

Marketing automation can make a real difference in how and where employees spend their energy. Integration leaves more room for creative brainstorming, and more time and resources to dedicate to actual growth targets. 

* Personalize Email & SMS together in one platform

Both emil and SMS are two marketing methods that are extremely effective in engaging with your audience. Using email and SMS strategy together makes sense. 

A survey found that 42% of SMS messages are read and emails have a read rate of 32%. 

With SendLane, it combines both powerful marketing strategies in one place to make it easier for marketers to create, schedule and monitor campaigns sent. By having it streamlined all in one place, both revenue, retention and insight can all be provided through this platform.

How to start automating emails and SMS campaigns with Sendlane?

To make the most out of your marketing campaigns with SendLane, we recommend giving it a try before you buy. If you’re looking for automation ideas for BigCommerce then look no further than SendLane.

Sendlane is here to make this a reality. Sign up for a free trial, or request a demo if you have any questions about marketing automation.

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