8 Inspiring Website Pop-Up Examples to Boost Your Sales

23 Aug
8 Inspiring Website Pop-Up Examples to Boost Your Sales

You’ve worked all day on your pop-up and conversions remain lackluster.

Does your pop-up immediately appear when a user lands on the homepage? What about shoppers who left their purchases in the cart—do you remind them time is running out?

Pop-ups work when used in the right context. In this guide, we look at why eCommerce marketers should give these micro windows a second look and the eight website popup examples to drive sales.

Why Should You Add Pop-Ups to Your Website?

When used correctly, pop-ups can catch shoppers at the right time and nudge them to take immediate action. 

Unfortunately, website pop ups have gotten a bad rep over the years.

Blame it on the self-serving brands that constantly shove irrelevant pop up offers on the user’s screen. 

Remember that time when you ignored a pop-up and clicked through the next page, and that same pop up appeared again demanding you to enter your email address? 

Invasive, isn’t it?

pop-up feedback

Pop-ups work when used in the right context.

When pop-ups meet where customers are at, you can slide them along the journey and convert them to the next step.


Top 8 Website Pop-Up Examples

Annoying pop ups cut conversions to the quick. 

Fortunately, these eight effective pop ups did the opposite by catching customers at the best time. Try them to generate leads, grow email and SMS lists, reduce abandoned carts, and more.

Seasonal pop-up

Pop-up example

Holiday retail sales have averaged an increase of 4.9% over the past decade. There’s no better time to drive more sales than during this peak season. 

Note how Mr Porter promotes its products with this understated seasonal pop-up. The luxury menswear brand attracts shoppers with a clear offer (“up to 50% off”) and an unbeatable value proposition (“the world’s best menswear”). 

How to use it:

Because of the time-sensitive nature of seasonal promotions, trigger these pop-ups as soon as shoppers arrive on the site.

You can easily do this on a pop-up builder software like Sendlane. 

In the pop-up editor, navigate to the Settings and scroll down to Display and Conditions

Sendlane forms display settings

Take your pick and test to see which display setting drives more conversions.

Discount pop-up

Discount pop-up example

Exit-intent pop ups re-engage shoppers when their attention wavers.

This discount popup example from Sendlane collects shoppers’ email addresses and phone numbers in one go, growing your email and SMS lists simultaneously.

Note the bold colors on the offer (“unlock 10% off”) and pop up CTA button (“submit"). Both coexist in harmony to emphasize the benefit and drive shoppers to take action. 

How to use it:

Discounts work effectively for all customers, especially if they’re returning website visitors on the fence about your product.

Capture these undecided shoppers with a behavioral triggered pop-up. In the Settings tab, scroll down to Display and Conditions and select the option Show when a visitor is about to exit the page.

Sendlane exit intent pop-up settings

Your discount pop-up will appear on the screen whenever a shopper’s cursor moves towards the X button on the browser.

Cart abandonment pop-up

Cart abandonment pop-up example

48% of shoppers abandon their carts when faced with unexpectedly high costs. 

The solution: a cart abandonment message in a pop-up strategy to recover these potential lost sales.

Fashion eCommerce store Rebel Circus prevents revenue loss with a risqué cart abandonment popup window. 

Its distinctive brand voice (“...there’s sh*t in your cart”) and the contrasting color of the countdown timer and call-to-action button grab attention effectively.

How to use it:

Use it across exclusive, best-selling, and back-in-stock products. While you’re at it, include social proof to back the products' quality.      

Here’s how you can drive FOMO in shoppers with this time based pop up on Sendlane. In the Settings tab, head down to Display and click After X sec after page load

Sendlane display options

This will trigger it after a certain time frame.

Countdown timer pop-up

Puravida pop-up example

Puravida drives urgency with its countdown timer pop-up. Any second late, and first-time customers lose the exclusive 20% discount for good. 

The pop up features bright colors and loss aversion (“I’d rather pay more”) to drive sales. The fear of losing the attractive discount encourages shoppers to act now.

How to use it:

Countdown timer pop-ups create a sense of scarcity, prompting customers to act immediately. 

Use it to build excitement for upcoming product lines, promote time-sensitive deals (e.g., an eCommerce store anniversary sale), and reduce abandoned carts.

Quiz pop-up

Curlsmith pop-up example

Create a quiz pop-up to gather priceless customer information. That way, you can segment shoppers and create targeted messages and offers across the entire funnel.

Curlsmith intrigues shoppers with a one-minute quiz to assess their unique hair needs.

The eCommerce haircare store scores an A+ in its copy. Note how the copy strikes an emotional chord and lures shoppers to participate in the quiz to unlock a personalized hair care routine.

How to use it:

 Quizzes work best for eCommerce brands with multiple customer segments. Add this pop-up to gather zero-party data and engage shoppers at the top of the funnel.

Lead magnet pop-up

Pop-up example

50% of marketers who use lead magnets in an email marketing strategy saw higher conversions

These lead magnets range from research-backed ebooks to fun quizzes. In Oasis’s case, it’s 100 loyalty points if shoppers sign up with an account. 

Note how the  eCommerce vegan beauty store entices action by laying out the value of the loyalty points (“equivalent to $5”).

How to use it:

Lead magnet pop-ups work best when it's a valuable content that aligns with the journey they're on (reminder: this applies to all pop-ups).

Take a healthy snacks eCommerce store with multiple consumer personas, for instance. 

The benefits for each target audience (e.g., gym folks, consumers with food allergies) differ from each other.

A free weight gain calculator lead magnet will generate less quality leads if it were shown on a homepage vs. a blog post about protein shakes. Reason being, the former targets every customer segment that may or may not be ready to buy. In contrast, the latter speaks directly to a specific group of people with high purchase intent.

To trigger this pop-up on Sendlane, scroll down to Display and Conditions > Show after scrolling % of the page.

Sendlane forms trigger settings

Click Show on specific URL's and enter the web address of your page or post.

Geo-targeted pop-up

Geo-targeted pop-up example

Geo-targeted pop-ups redirect shoppers to their relevant country page, creating a targeted shopping experience. 

Note this simple pop up from Modcloth, which notifies international customers of local payment options and better shipping rates. 

How to use it:

Geo-targeted pop-ups work great for global eCommerce stores that are targetting a specific location.

Sendlane forms location settings

For example, a winter apparel eCommerce store might use location-relevant pop-ups to promote its winter sale in June for Australians and December for Americans.

Welcome pop-up

Welcome pop-up example

The welcome email window is the most popular pop-up. 

Visit any eCommerce store, online business, or a software website, and you’ll see an invitation to join their email list for exclusive offers.

The Skintessa, a skincare brand and loyal Sendlane customer, offers new visitors exciting promos and a one-time 20% savings code when they sign up for the email list.

How to use it:

Welcome pop-ups target new visitors. 

Experiment to see which display setting attracts more conversions.

Sendlane forms frequency settings

Tip: select Show on every visit or Show once per visitor session to limit the display frequency. You never know, your non-subscribers might change their minds and subscribe to your pop-up in the future.


Where to Install a Pop-Up Form on Your Website?

Currently, there’s no data supporting the best place to include a pop-up.

However, there are several studies that prove you should take every best practice with a grain of salt. 

While researching this guide, we discovered an experiment that says conversions more than doubled when a pop-up appears after 30 seconds on a single webpage. Does this mean you should do the same thing with your pop-up then? Probably not, because users often leave web pages in 10 to 20 seconds.

Bottom line here?

It all comes down to context, not to mention the vertical you’re in and how well you communicate your value prop on the website. 

The best thing to do is treat the pop-up tips that work for your favorite eCommerce brand as information (not rule), and test your micro messaging offers in an intuitive pop-up builder like Sendlane.   

Here’s how it works:

  1. Click New Form
  2. Select desired Pop-up settings
  3. Create the popup design

We covered the different opt-in and display settings you can implement when building a pop-up in Sendlane.

Now it's time to customize the elements and style and edit the position of your pop-up form. Click Design to continue.

Sendlane form design

After completing your design, click Summary and review you settings and design to make any final changes.

Click Publish once you’re done!

Historically, pop-ups have gotten an unfortunate rap, and it’s a shame, because it is possible to use them to confidently move shoppers along their journey with your eCommerce brand.

Try the eight website popup examples we recommended above. The results might surprise you.

Create pop ups that delight shoppers, not annoy them. Start your free 60-day trial on Sendlane to drive conversions with pop-ups today. 

Website Pop-Up Examples FAQs

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