5 Messages to Practice Effective Lifecyle Email Marketing

4 Oct
5 Messages to Practice Effective Lifecyle Email Marketing

The milestones followed by majority of the customers throughout their relationship with a brand comprise of customer lifecycle...

It's the path that the customers take from the very moment they sign up. Some might make a purchase; some might become repeat customers, and others may stop purchasing and get disengaged with the brand. All these stages make up the lifecycle of a customer, and business growth is all about acknowledging these stages and sending the right message accordingly. Emails play a major role in lifecycle marketing as it allows the marketer to send triggered messages based on the subscriber’s activity. Here are a few statistics that emphasize the significance of lifecycle email marketing:

  • Epsilon and Eloqua state that engagement will grow by 75-200% through event-triggered messages.
  • Gartner states that marketers can accomplish 600% growth when compared to traditional email marketing.
  • Welcome emails have 4 times more open and 5 times more click-through rates, when compared to other emails.
  • Customers who receive cart abandonment emails shop 2.4 times more than those who do not.
  • 74.4% users await welcome emails after subscribing.

Typically, lifecycle marketing includes the following emails:

A. Early lifecycle

  • Welcome series
  • Lead nurturing emails
  • Cart abandonment emails

B. Mid lifecycle

  • “One-time buyer” series
  • Cross-sell emails
  • Loyalty or occasion-based emails
  • Replenishment emails
  • Product launch emails

C. Late lifecycle

  • Win-back emails

Let’s delve deeper into each of these emails, starting with welcome emails!

1. Welcome Emails

Make the customers feel welcomed with an onboarding email and engage with them from the outset itself. It will build a stronger rapport with the customer by enabling better communication. If you want to leave a good first impression on the new prospect, it is recommended to send a series of welcome emails. You must introduce your brand and its products or services in such a way that it entices the prospect to learn more about your brand and buy from you. Here’s how Office sends out a series of three welcome emails to let them know what the brand is all about:

2. Lead Nurturing Emails

Lead nurturing emails depend on the stage the customers are in—whether they are in the awareness, consideration, or decision stage. In the awareness stage, brands should focus on informing the subscribers about the benefits of the product and how it can be useful to overcome a particular challenge. Take a look at the email example below. It lets the email recipient know about their solutions and subtly shares their lead gen packages towards the end of the email:


Once the subscribers move to the consideration and decision stage, you can promote your product or services and encourage the purchase. Also, remember to personalize the offers based on the geographical location, previous interactions, pages visited, and resources downloaded. In case you are from eCommerce sector, you must also consider the products searched for. You can send a webinar invitation to facilitate the decision-making process or a demo video that explains the usage of a product.Here’s an example to inspire you:


Incentives like free shipping and discount offers for a limited period of time can tap on the FOMO (Fear of missing out) instinct of the subscribers and convince them to make the purchase. Have a look at the email below that can prompt an impulsive purchase by highlighting the “last chance”.


3. Cart Abandonment Emails

Imagine you get a customer and he or she adds several products in the cart. It brings a gleam to your eyes, right? But what if they leave the products without completing the purchase? Well, that is certainly sad, but you still have a ray of hope. You can recover these cart abandoners with a series of cart abandonment emails that reminds them about the abandoned product and compel them to complete the purchase. ASICS sets a great example by sending a series of two cart abandonment emails within 48 hours.


4. Loyalty or Occasion-based Emails

After you get a customer, you should try to retain him or her with customer loyalty emails. A good idea would be to send a product feedback email to make the customer feel valued like Taylor Stitch does.

Another tactic that works is to send an occasion-based email that wishes he subscribers for their special day. Dorothy Perkins sends a visually appealing email to the birthday girl that would compel her to make a purchase and treat herself.

5. Win-back Emails

More often than not, customers purchase from you or sign up for your service and then forget about you or get disengaged. To bring these customers back and make them purchase from you, win-back email is the safest bet. Re-engage them by sending an email that tells them what they are missing out on. Here’s a re-engagement email from The Typeform Team that persuades the user to log in and check some awesome templates from their gallery.

Quick Tips to Practice Effective Lifecycle Marketing

  1. Segment the subscribers to send more relevant triggered emails.
  2. Monitor the email workflow at regular intervals to make sure that the right message is reaching the right people at the right time. (the marketing triad)
  3. Always keep track of the key performance indicators like open rate and click-through rate.
  4. Carry out A/B testing to determine what’s working and what isn’t.


Wrapping Up

Lifecycle email marketing is the future of email marketing. In case you are still not practicing it, now is the right time.

Of course, it does take time and hard work, but it is certainly worth all the sweat once you start yielding unmatched business results. Do you have any other ideas to share? We would love to hear from you.

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