Top 4 Product Review Software to Consider in 2023

27 Jul
Top 4 Product Review Software to Consider in 2023

In the ever-evolving, pulsating heart of modern marketing, there's a tool that stands tall and firm: product review software. This powerhouse isn't just an accessory to your marketing wardrobe—it's the statement piece that ties the whole ensemble together. With the rise of online shopping and customer empowerment, product reviews are no longer a nice-to-have but an absolute must-have for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Product review software does more than simply collect online reviews. It's your personal maestro, orchestrating the voices of your customers into a harmonious symphony of feedback that speaks volumes about your product and brand. From enhancing customer trust to boosting SEO and from driving conversion rates to fostering brand advocacy, the potential benefits of having this software in your corner are immense.

But, like a seasoned conductor choosing their orchestra, selecting the right product review software requires careful thought. You need to tune in to several key areas that impact customer opinions like Pricing (will it play nice with your budget?), Features (does it have all the bells and whistles you need?), Integrations (can it jam smoothly with your other software?), Support (is there a helping hand when you hit a wrong note?), and Display Options (how beautifully can it showcase your customer reviews?).

Let's take a closer look at the top product review software that can amplify your brand's melody and harmonize your customer feedback like never before. Get ready to orchestrate your success story and manage reviews with ease!

4 Top product review software for online reviews  

In the dynamic symphony of digital marketing, choosing the right product review software can be the difference between a harmonious melody and a discordant tune. But worry not—we've compiled a list of the top players in the product review software arena to help you make a perfect choice when it's time to collect customer feedback.


Sendlane homepage

First up is Sendlane, a powerful player making waves in the world of marketing automation and customer experience.

Pricing and plans

What stands out about Sendlane is its refreshing take on pricing. Here's the cherry on top: Sendlane's product review feature is absolutely FREE for its users. That's right! You get to harness all the power of our top-notch review software without making your wallet sweat. 

You can view all of their transparent email & SMS pricing plans right here


Sendlane is a feature-rich platform packed with all the tools you need to collect, manage, and leverage product reviews. From automated review requests to sophisticated segmentation capabilities, Sendlane is well-equipped to help you turn customer feedback into your superpower. Plus, respond to reviews, view analytics, and display your reviews on-site, all within one dashboard.


On the integration front, Sendlane is a superstar. It plays nice with other platforms, giving you a seamlessly connected marketing ecosystem. You can smoothly integrate your product review process with your existing tools and workflows.

Quality of support

Sendlane prides itself on its excellent customer support. With a dedicated live support team ready to help you hit the right notes 24/7/365 you'll never feel like you're conducting your marketing symphony alone.

Display options

Finally, Sendlane offers a range of elegant display options for showcasing your product reviews. Whether you want to sprinkle testimonials on specific product pages or create a dedicated review section, Sendlane has you covered. Plus, with integrated email, you can seamlessly leverage dynamic UGC within emails like abandoned cart messages to make the decision-making process a breeze.



Yotpo homepage

Next up is Yotpo, a robust solution well-known for amplifying the voice of customers in the eCommerce space. In addition to focusing on reviews, it also has email and SMS capabilities. 

Pricing and plans

Yotpo offers a variety of plans, starting with a basic free tier and scaling up to more comprehensive premium packages. This flexibility caters to businesses of all sizes and needs, enabling you to choose the plan that harmonizes best with your budget and requirements. Customers have noted that the pricing can be a deterring factor for many, as its higher than other review platforms. 


Yotpo has a suite of features designed to streamline the review process. These include automated review request emails, review reply functionalities and even tools for sharing your best reviews on social media platforms.


On the integration front, Yotpo offers compatibility with many popular eCommerce platforms and marketing tools like Shopify and Mailchimp. These integrations help to ensure a seamless customer review experience across all your marketing channels.

Quality of support

Yotpo's support team is ready to assist you, offering quick and helpful responses to any issues or queries that may arise. They do offer live chat support but customers have noted it often takes quite a bit of back and forth to resolve any issues. 

Display options

With Yotpo, you have multiple options for showcasing your reviews, from displaying them on product pages to integrating them into your social media feeds, allowing you to highlight your customer feedback in ways that best suit your brand.


Okendo reviews

Marching to the beat of the product review drum, we encounter Okendo, a platform designed specifically for high-performance Shopify retailers.

Pricing and plans

Okendo offers a range of pricing plans tailored to meet the needs of growing businesses. Whether you're a smaller venture or a larger operation, Okendo has a plan designed with your needs in mind. Customers have noted that Okendo pricing plans have increased quite a bit in recent years, without an improvement in features to match a raise in price. 


Okendo shines with features like gathering customer data through personalized review request emails, offering rewards for reviews, and a sleek dashboard that makes managing reviews a breeze.


In terms of integrations, Okendo stays in rhythm with the Shopify ecosystem, ensuring a smooth, unified experience for Shopify retailers. Some users have noted that connecting with Google reviews has been difficult, which can be frustrating considering that is where many consumers look for reviews. 

Quality of support

Okendo's support team is known for their prompt responses and expertise, providing a reliable backbone to your review management process. Like many platforms, Okendo offers a resource center filled with articles for specific questions about the technology. 

Display options

Display options with Okendo are flexible and visually appealing, enabling you to showcase your reviews in a way that complements your online store's aesthetic. reviews

Rounding out our list is, a user-friendly software packed with features designed to help businesses collect and use customer reviews effectively.

Pricing and plans offers several pricing tiers to fit various budgets and business sizes, including a free option for small businesses just starting their review collection journey.

Features offers a range of key features that enhance customer feedback and engagement. With automated email requests, it streamlines the process of soliciting reviews from customers. Additionally, it allows users to incorporate photo and video reviews, enabling a more visual and comprehensive assessment of products. It also provides a helpful questions and answers section, which can seamlessly integrate into product pages, assisting customers in making informed decisions.

Integrations integrates well with many eCommerce platforms and marketing tools, making it a versatile addition to your digital toolkit. Compared to Yopto and Okendo, offers many more integration options. 

Quality of support is known for its supportive and knowledgeable customer service team, ready to help you make the most of your product review strategy. Unfortunately there is no live chat or video call support, even at an enterprise level. Customers have noted that email support can take up to 48 hours for a reply, which definitely isn’t ideal in the eCommerce world. 

Display options offers a wealth of options for displaying reviews, from traditional testimonial displays to innovative visual reviews, empowering you to showcase customer feedback that aligns with your brand identity.

The pros and cons of using Product review software

Like the rhythm and beats of a song, using product review software comes with high notes and occasional low notes. Understanding these can help you harmonize your marketing strategy and better analyze customer feedback.

Benefits of using product review software

Product review software amplifies customer trust. By showcasing genuine customer experiences, you paint a vivid and trustworthy picture of your products. Plus, improved SEO is another significant advantage. These reviews provide fresh, user-generated content, which search engines absolutely adore.

Additionally, online review management software can boost sales, as consumers often rely on product reviews to make purchasing decisions. It also encourages customer engagement, fostering a sense of community and dialogue around your products. And happy customers increase customer loyalty, becoming a valuable asset in the long game of customer retention.

Potential drawbacks of using product review software

However, there are potential challenges to consider. Learning how to manage online reviews, especially negative ones, can be a tricky business. They should be addressed promptly and professionally instead of sweeping them under the rug. The cost might also be a concern for some businesses, particularly smaller ones or those just starting.

What to consider When choosing a product review software

Choosing a product review software is like selecting a lead singer for your marketing band—it should harmonize with your business's style and goals.

  • Relevance: You want software that fits like a glove, meeting your unique business needs. Whether managing multiple product lines or specific integration requirements, ensure the software can handle your demands.
  • Scalability: Today's solo act might be tomorrow's orchestra. Choose software that can scale with your business growth, handling increased demand without missing a beat.
  • Ease of use: You wouldn't want a singer that only sings in a foreign language, would you? Similarly, opt for software with user-friendly interfaces, saving your team time and headaches.
  • Security: Just as you'd protect your music from pirates, choose software with robust security measures to keep your customer data safe.
  • Cost: Just like signing a recording deal, you need to consider product review software cost. Ensure it provides value for money and fits within your budget.
  • Integrations: It's essential that your new software can jam smoothly with your existing tech stack, ensuring seamless workflows and processes.
  • Customer support: Make sure there's a solid backstage crew — excellent onboarding and ongoing support can make all the difference in your product review performance.


Sendlane and the future of review software

Capping our tour of product review software, let's refocus on Sendlane. Its newly added product review features open new avenues for businesses to gather and utilize customer feedback. This addition is not merely an augmentation, but a harmonization with Sendlane's existing email and SMS marketing tools, offering a unified and impactful experience.

Sendlane stands out as a cost-effective choice, with review features free for its users. It's rich in features, integrates well with varied marketing tools and platforms, and offers top-notch support. Display options are plentiful, empowering businesses to present reviews in alignment with their brand.

Trusted by thousands for superior marketing automation, Sendlane's credibility only strengthens with its review capabilities. As we envision the future of product review software, Sendlane is poised to take center stage, offering a solid mix of versatility and value, proving instrumental for businesses keen on maximizing the power of product reviews. Sendlane hits the high notes in the melody of marketing automation—let it drive your business's success. 

Start generating more revenue for your store with Sendlane’s unified email, SMS, and reviews. Start your free trial today! 

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