3 eCommerce Email Marketing Case Studies for 2022

14 Apr
3 eCommerce Email Marketing Case Studies for 2022

If your business is looking to improve its email marketing strategy, there is a lot to be gained from diving into the analytics of every completed campaign. It’s also helpful to study other companies’ campaigns that had positive outcomes, as they can offer inspiration for your future projects!

The following eCommerce email marketing case studies showcase three instances where a good email marketing strategy yielded positive returns. These campaigns all incorporated the Sendlane platform to achieve these results, the details of which we’ll touch on here.

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1. MAD TASTY’s Successful Mid-Pandemic Journey into eCommerce

The hemp-extract beverage company MAD TASTY is the perfect example of a brand that was quick to pivot when COVID hit, subsequently transitioning their operations in order to remain competitive in a relatively niche industry. Here’s how they did it, and how email marketing paved the way.

Background and shift to email marketing

OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder is the pen and voice behind some of the biggest pop hits in the world, including Apologize with Timbaland, Counting Stars, and Good Life. Six years ago he was at a crossroads in terms of his mental health, with skyrocketing anxiety levels brought on by exhaustion. It was then that he tried CBD for the first time. 

After seeing positive results fairly quickly, he started work on a retail store presenting clean CBD products to the US market. When expert marketer Leila Khoury was brought in to grow customer awareness and revenue, she noticed that they weren’t tapping into email marketing nearly enough. She foresaw possibilities to scale the business by building a new, well-nurtured audience base online by investing in an eCommerce email marketing software.

Making the switch

As recently as the end of 2019, MAD TASTY was still predominantly a physical business without much of an eCommerce presence. While their team was sending email campaigns to customers, it was with a provider that didn’t offer much support.

A recommendation from another business in the same industry soon brought Sendlane into the mix. Enthralled by the deep-data integration we offered, the brand was impressed by how we were able to help them get to know their core customers on a much deeper level; we facilitated them in quickly creating audience segments for more personalized targeting. Being able to automate much of the process — effectively freeing up resources for other COVID-related challenges — was an added bonus. 

Sendlane’s impact

Aside from showing the commercial power of email marketing to the MAD TASTY team for the first time, Sendlane was the formal channel through which the company could help transition their business online and encourage their customers to buy their CBD products through their website.

The switch meant that their marketing department spent less time generating mailer designs, automating much of the process right from day one. Their customers were now able to buy products online and learn more about new releases directly from MAD TASTY, leading to better sales and growing the brand’s popularity over the last two years. 

2. Santa Cruz Enjoys a 40% Open Rate

Another case study to take note of showcases the strength of carefully choosing the right provider for email marketing. Santa Cruz Naturals — a business in the cannabis eCommerce space — was desperate to generate more public interest when they first came to us for help. The results were nothing short of astounding. 

Shifting focus to online sales

Like so many growing businesses, Santa Cruz Naturals was hardly set up to sell their products online in March 2020. Only 5% of their total sales were generated online at that stage, likely because their website wasn't optimized for eCommerce and their marketing efforts were being directed elsewhere. 

It didn’t take long for them to realize that the pandemic was going to drastically reduce their ability to stay competitive. When lockdown ended up being longer than initially anticipated, the team knew they had to act fast.

A roll of the dice

The team realized that they were going to have to start prioritizing online sales right away. Marketing expert Kathleen Weaver was brought in and it wasn’t long before she highlighted email growth as a way to do so. She vowed to change their email marketing provider to one that knew the latest email marketing best practices inside and out. Though her first attempt to make the switch led to a closed door because the platform didn’t want to be affiliated with a cannabis brand.

After reading an article about Sendlane and spending enough time on our website researching our offerings, she reached out to us. She was willing to roll the dice with us if we agreed to the same and, as we have no qualms about working with businesses in the cannabis industry, we were more than happy to partner up. Not long after, Santa Cruz Naturals was achieving 40% email open rates for their campaigns. 

How Sendlane helped

Santa Cruz Naturals was able to maximize their email campaigns through strict conversion tracking and monitoring on the Sendlane platform. From their newly automated sequences, they were able to learn more about their target audience and the way they engaged with emails.

As they are a small team, cutting down on email design time (one of the features we are very proud of) was essential for them, allowing them to dedicate resources to other areas of the business. It wasn’t long before they were tweaking their approach from campaign to campaign, changing messaging depending on the audience they were talking to and generating favorable engagement results. 


3. Skybound Entertainment Increase Open Rates by 80%

Skybound Entertainment is a business born out of a single comic book that was adapted into a long-standing hit TV series. The Walking Dead might have taken a long time to develop a loyal fanbase, but today it is at a point where it is generating high revenue volumes for the company. This has allowed them to invest in new projects as well as improve their existing marketing efforts, with a prominent focus on generating eCommerce sales.

A slow start for email engagement

Having never really prioritized email marketing as part of their customer growth strategy, Skybound Entertainment wasn’t too fussy about the provider they worked with. However, once their audience started to grow exponentially, it became obvious that they were going to need marketing automation software that could help them better manage their email master list. They were hoping to find a provider that could save them both time and energy so they could focus on developing the business in other areas. 

Big master list, no segments

Despite having grown their email list to two million subscribers, they were still receiving low engagement on their campaigns. The problem was clear: their existing provider did not have a feature in place to break their master list into different audience segments that could be targeted individually with different messaging. 

Mass emails to a bulk audience consisting of people with very different interests are typically coupled with low open and engagement rates. Once Sendlane was brought in, we were able to help update the existing master list. The result was better targeting, with open rates skyrocketing to as much as 80% (that’s four out of every five recipients) for some campaigns. 

Our platform’s influence

Our platform’s role was predominantly to do housekeeping on the existing email list (which at that point had been cut down to 200,000 people after a re-engagement campaign). From the new segments, the Skybound Entertainment team was able to better study their audience, adapt their thinking, and come up with new ideas to keep their target market interested and engaged. 

On top of helping them streamline the way they spoke to their audience, the Skybound team also gained a trusted supplier in the process. We do our best to understand the individual needs of each and every one of our clients, aligning these with the visions they have for growing and expanding their operations over time. 

These three case studies have showcased the effectiveness of email marketing for eCommerce-focused businesses. If yours is looking to grow its revenue from online sales, it might be a good time to think about making the switch to Sendlane. We love working with all different industries and business sizes, from startups to major brands. We are here to introduce efficient marketing automation into your operations, saving you time and allowing you to redirect company resources wherever else they might be needed. 

Partner with Sendlane and it won’t be long before it’s smooth sailing for your email marketing strategy and campaigns, leaving room for your team to focus on generating inspiring content ideas for the audience segments you’re targeting. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help you get there!

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