5 Tried and True Methods to Increase Your Email Click-Through Rates

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Email metrics are to marketers what your checkups are to your personal physician.

Essentially, your metrics give you a really good pulse on the overall health of your email marketing efforts. And sometimes, we look at those various metrics and decide it’s time to make a change for the better.

Since you’re here reading about boosting your eCommerce email click-through rates, I think I’m safe to assume that you’re in search of some ideas for improving this area of your email marketing.

And I get it.

Aside from actually landing in the inbox and getting people to open your emails, having them click on the links and CTA you’ve placed in the email is obviously important because that’s where all the money’s made.

So how can you get more people engaged to turn clicks into sales?

Today, we’ll cover a few tips to help get you there.

5 Tips for Boosting Your Email Click-Through Rates

Make Sure Emails Look Good Across All Devices

Whether it’s being viewed on a desktop or opened on a mobile device, the way your emails render on these is important.

Generally, designing for a desktop is the easy part of things, and with 74% of people using desktop to view emails, it’s good that your emails look good here.

But that’s only one screen type.

So while your email design and layout may look pretty on a desktop, that might not be the case when viewed on mobile devices.

And let me tell you.

There’s almost nothing more irritating than trying to view content on your phone and having it be an ugly, scrambled mess of words and colors.


Mobile devices contribute to a huge amount of email opens.

Just take a look at some of the stats put together on EmailMonday:

  • 25.6% always read emails on their mobile device first
  • 81% use a smartphone for regularly checking emails
  • 40% of consumers say their phone is their main device for checking email

So while you should most definitely make sure that your emails are desktop pretty, you should also test your emails to make sure they look good on mobile devices within the various mobile email clients that are around.

When designing on mobile, keep an eye on the style and size of your buttons here. Fingers can take up to 44PX2 which makes text links a bit hard to click which ultimately hurt usability.

It’s been found that using buttons between the size of 42-72 pixels get the best results for clicks through mobile.

With the preview tools like we have built into Sendlane, you can see a mobile preview of your email to get a good idea of what your email will look like on a smaller screen.


Another smart trick is to check how your emails render on a smartphone in various ISP’s mobile apps.

If you open an email account under each inbox provider that is popular among your subscribers (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.) you can use their perspective apps on your personal phone.

Send a test email to these test accounts and view what they render as.

If they look fine, then you’re good to go! This is also a handy trick for figuring out where your emails land in these ISPs so it’s a win-win.

When your emails look great on the devices people are opening your emails on, that can only help your CTR.

Use Automated Email and Retargeting Funnels

Let’s start right off the bat with the good stuff: Email automation.

We love email automation here at Sendlane for a lot of reasons, but one, in particular, is how well they work to improve CTR.

Did you know that automated emails average a CTR that’s 152% higher than newsletters?

How awesome is that?!

By merely setting up and optimizing your email funnel, you could vastly improve the CTR of your current email marketing campaigns.

There are quite a few automated email funnels you could add to your marketing efforts:

  • Welcome emails. Even a simple 3 part sequence can average 90% more revenue...
  • Thank you emails. According to Remarkey, thank you emails have more than an 18% CTR.
  • Order confirmation.
  • Abandoned cart. According to Oberlo, abandoned cart emails have an average 41% open-rate and 21% of those get clicked on. (This is also considered a type of Retargeting email funnel.)
  • Funnels based on past purchases. Retargeting customers who have already bought something from you can be a great way to increase CTR and revenue.

Automated funnels already have a great record for increasing CTR. If you have some running and want to improve the CTR, then it’s likely time to start testing some new flows and formats.

Use Multivariate Testing on Email Content

Would a change in your call-to-action button color boost your CTR or would changing the copy make the biggest difference?

Does an image draw the most clicks or would a GIF work to your advantage?

These are all great questions to ask, but getting the answer isn’t always easy. For most email marketers, you can only test one variation against your control with a traditional A/B test.

That’s why we’re big fans of multivariate testing.

If you read our previous post about improving email open-rate, you’ll notice this tactic is listed in both that article and this one.

That’s because multivariate testing — at least the way we do it on our platform — lets you test the subject line (which affects open-rate) AND email content (which affects click-through rate).

And the best part is you can create up to 4 variations. So your click-through rate specific tests could look like this:

  • CTA 1 (Shop Now!) + Black Button
  • CTA 1 (Shop Now!) + Pink Button
  • CTA 2 (Get The Deal) + Black Button
  • CTA 2 (Get The Deal) + Pink Button

Send your tests out to your email list and then let their actions choose the winning campaign.

This takes the guesswork out.

Now you’re finally able to get the answers you want while also making sure you’re sending subscribers the campaign variation that is getting the higher CTR.

You can learn more about this feature on our platform here.

Keep Every Email on Brand

Building a brand is hard.

We know.

We work hard at it every day just like you do with your brand.

But brands aren’t just logos, they’re entities with personalities all their own.

And when you look at the work that went into others building a recognizable brand, they all have one thing in common:

Brand consistency. 

This may seem like a small thing, but it’s not. If your website looks and feels one way and your emails look entirely different, subscribers will get confused.

They don’t have time to guess who the email is from. They should be able to comfortably tell instantaneously.

In fact, 60% of millennials expect consistent experiences when engaging with brands online, in-store, or on their mobile devices (erm, emails on mobile counts there too!).

Here are a few tips for branding emails for consistency:

  • Use your logo somewhere in the email. The header or footer works well here.
  • Use the same fonts every time. Don’t switch from New Times Romans to Helvetica. Have your font or font combos set and stick to them.
  • Use the same color palette as your website and social media.

But color isn’t the only thing that’s branding related. You should also consider your voice and tone in your emails too.

Building brand awareness through your emails is very effective and as your subscribers grow in trust with your brand, your CTR grows with it.

BlueBottle Coffee is a great example of brand email consistency and how it positively impacted their growth.


Remember, this tip is something we play for the long game in the arena of CTR improvement. You may not notice a marked improvement with your CTR with doing this right away, but it does have an impact.

Don’t brush it off as non-urgent.

Get off on the right foot and build on that consistency email after email. Learn how to build brand consistency with Sendlane’s Email Builder here.

Try Different Days and Times You Send Your Emails

Are there days and times that perform better for getting a better CTR?

Generally speaking...

Yes, and yes.

Research suggests that just trying a different day to send your emails could increase click-through rate by 15%.

There’s plenty of studies out there on this topic. Some say Monday and Tuesday get the best CTR, and others say different days.

We say, test this out for your audience and gauge the results. This is the only way you’ll be able to know for sure.

Timing has a big impact too and more than you might think.

While 8 AM - 11 AM tends to get more opens, 6 PM- 11 PM draws dramatically more clicks.


This likely has to do with people being off work, relaxing at night, and able to engage with the content in the way they hoped to.

Interestingly eCommerce sales tend to peak from 8 PM - 9 PM.  


So there is definitely some tactical strategy here you can start testing with.

If you’re not sending emails in the evening, why not give it a try? You may be surprised that a simple day and time change to what you’re currently doing could help your CTR.

Boost CTR, Boost Revenue

Clicks lead to sales. Perhaps that’s why we are fanatical about them. 

And if you are, you’re not alone.

Improving your campaigns’ and automations’ CTR can have a huge impact on revenue and keep your business running strong month over month.

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