Six Powerful Automations to Engage Your List

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As an email marketer, you know that putting together a good lead magnet is key to building a strong list. And you’d be right. Lead magnets are great way to grow your list for any brand new or well seasoned email marketing rockstar. Unfortunately, it’s not quite time to pat yourself on the back. Your next challenge will be keeping your list engaged. After all,

“it’s not the size of the list that matters, it’s how responsive it is”— Pat Flynn,

But how can you build engagement with your subscribers? How can you motivate them to open your emails, click on your links, and even reply to you asking for more info? As with anything in the world of digital marketing, these are questions best answered with a variety of tactics, strategies, and techniques. Today, we’ll share a simple—yet powerful—automation series that helps promote engagement from your subscribers.

Ready to take a peek?

The 6-Email Engagement Series

The automation series we’re about to build is geared towards getting your subscribers to respond. To get started, you’ll need a minimum of three pieces of content that you can give away to your list. Ideally, this content should all be related. For example, you could create a three-part eBook series, a short three-part video course, or simply share a few great blog articles with your analysis.

Whatever you decide to share, make sure it’s relevant to your list and valuable— it needs to be worth reading!

We’ll send the first two pieces of content, pause, send the final giveaway, ask for engagement, and then reward subscribers who respond. Ready to get started? Let’s look at the first email…

Email 1 - The Initial Lead Magnet

Email Goal: To provide value and set expectations.

The first email in your automation series should go out immediately after a user subscribes. If you already have a lead magnet (and corresponding landing page) this email shouldn’t be unfamiliar to you. Here, you want to give them their free eBook/checklist/video course/tool and let them know they’ll be hearing from you soon. It’s also a good idea to let them know that they’re going to a receive more free content within the next 24 hours.

Powerful Automations - Email 1

Email 2 - Lead Magnet Follow Up

Email Goal: Reward them for opening your previous email and tease the last giveaway.

Schedule this email one day after your subscribers received their initial lead magnet. At the end of this email series, we’re going to ask our subscribers to take a small action. But before we do, we want to provide enough value that they feel at least a little obligated to do so. We also want to reward them for opening and reading the last message. This second email does exactly that, providing a piece of giveaway content to follow up the initial lead magnet.

This email is also key because it teases the final giveaway. Here, you want to write a couple of sentences about the third and final piece of content, and why your subscribers will love it. Don’t be overly "hypey", but definitely try to build some anticipation around your last piece of content.

Powerful Automations - Email 2

Email 3 - Engage

Email Goal: To plant the seed of engagement and continue to build anticipation.

Send your third email a day after your subscribers receive Email #2. Make this email a plain-text, low-formatting email that feels like it’s arrived from a friend. The idea is to take all the formatting and fancy design work out of your emails so your subscribers know they’re talking to a real person— not a marketing machine.

In this email, ask for their thoughts on the last two pieces of content. Ask if they have any questions. Let them know that they’re welcome to reply to your emails if they ever have a question. Close by building anticipation, reminding them that they’ll receive their third and final piece of free content within the next 24 hours.

Powerful Automations - Email 3

Email 4 - Deliver

Email Goal: Make good on your promise of great content, prepare for engagement ask.

Schedule the fourth email in your automation series to send one day after subscribers receive Email #3. In this email, provide a link to your final piece of content and tell them you’ll be in touch as soon as they’ve had a look.

Powerful Automations - Email 4

Email 5 - The Ask

Email Goal: To cash in on the value you provided and get a response from your subscribers

Send this fifth email after subscribers open your previous email. This email should look different from the rest of the series, and should congratulate them on completing your free content series.

But, the key to this email is to ask them a question using a survey tool like SurveyMonkey. This question can be anything you like, but should be both simple to answer and interesting to your subscribers. They shouldn’t feel like they’re investing a lot of time into responding; right now you just want to get them in the habit of replying.

SIDE NOTE: Try to avoid using the word, “survey”. Instead, ask your readers to, “answer a quick question.” Surveys sound long and boring. Questions sound like a fun opportunity to give your opinion on something.

Powerful Automations - Email 5

Email 6 - The Reward

Email Goal: Encourage future engagement through a reward.

This final email is where you’ll see the series show its true power. Send email #6 to subscribers who answered your survey question. Ideally, you’ll want to address them by name in a plain-text email that feels like it’s coming from you, a human being.

Thank them for answering your survey and offer something of value in return. You could do this with another content giveaway, an exclusive discount, or simply by sharing a relevant and valuable article that might interest them. The key is to reward your subscribers so they’re excited to engage with you in the future. This reinforces the habit of engagement and will make it easier for them to justify the time spent engaging with you in future.

Powerful Automations - Email 6

Moving Forward

Keep in mind that this technique is great for setting the groundwork for high engagement.

To make it really effective, you’ll need to then follow up with your subscribers and continue to provide value, offer help, ask for a small action, and then reward them when they comply.undefined

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