Sendlane + Vyper Integration: Viral Marketing and Gamification

2 May
Sendlane + Vyper Integration: Viral Marketing and Gamification

No matter what business you’re in, getting an upper hand on the competition is tough.

Even if you’re the one who’s been a pioneer in your space, it seems like there’s always someone ready to push you out of the top spot.

In today’s technological landscape, marketing channels, products, and tactics are always creating new opportunities for companies like yours to gain and keep market share.

That’s why we’re thrilled about our latest integration with the viral marketing tool,

What Is VYPER?

VYPER helps you generate contacts to your business through fun, interactive contests with viral marketing capabilities that spread your contest so you can grow your email list.

You can use the tool to create a sleek-looking landing page with copy and calls-to-action to enter a contest or giveaway. Your interested audience then enters their email and or other personal info in exchange for a chance to win a prize that you set.

You can have a Leaderboard prize (1st place), Lucky Winner prize (drawn at random) or a Milestone prize (Collect 100 entries to unlock XXX)!

The way VYPER is built takes things a couple notches above your average contest.

Aside from collecting emails, the tool itself is also designed to help grow your social media followings and help increase your revenue at the same time by converting contestants into customers before the contest even ends.

A Bit Of Fun For Them. A Big Email Building Funnel For You.

Viral marketing is not an easy tactic to make work because it often feels like a toss-up. However, the platform’s design eliminates the guesswork by providing all the features needed to make a viral-based campaign actually go, well, viral.

VYPER’s effectiveness relies heavily on the way it turns the average contest into an engaging, semi-addictive game that entrants can follow along with.

After your contest is created and people start to enter to win, VYPER creates a highly interactive leaderboard and assigns each person a rank within the contest.

Naturally, with any contest, the goal is to win.

Once someone sees where they stand in the contest, they have the chance to move up the leaderboard through a series of actions.

You can set these up to be things like a

  • Social media follow
  • Comment on a channel or blog
  • Join a messenger bot list
  • Watch a YouTube video
  • Reshare content, and so on.

Each one of these actions results in additional entries that can lead to unlocking prizes and the overall contest win if they collect enough.

The best way for contestants to collect entries is through referring your contest to friends, family co-workers or their followers. They get a unique link they can share on social or via email to earn entries.

Each person who comes to your contest through this link gains the referring player extra entries.

All of these seemingly small but guided steps are ultimately designed to bring more potential customers into your business’ most important asset:

Your email list.

Really, though, using VYPER has many benefits that deserve consideration:

  • Potential to exponentially grow your email list in a short time. VYPER is built with push and pull marketing tactics in mind. It promotes others pushing your contest into their social circles and pulling in new email leads for you. As that motion continues and builds, you just may find your email list will grow like wildfire as was the case with this e-commerce company when they used VYPER.
  • You build a highly engaged and targeted list. Running a contest like this is a great way for you to build a targeted email list whether you’re just starting out or not. After they enter their email to participate in your contest, you can use your Sendlane account to tag and segment these ones so you can send personalized emails that keep them coming back for more. As you can see, this tactic can feed your entire marketing strategy if you can plug it in the right way.
  • Targeted social media growth. While growing your email list is probably one of the most vital parts of your a marketing plan, let’s not forget the importance of building a social media presence. With VYPER, you are able to check off both boxes on your to-do list and that’s not something any marketer can be too quick to overlook.

How To Integrate Sendlane with VYPER

VYPER made connecting your Sendlane account to their platform a rather simple process. However, we’ve put together a step-by-step walkthrough to show you the easiest way to go about it.

As a note, to make sure the integrations work together properly you should connect your Sendlane account before you start your VYPER contest.

That way, all the data from your VYPER account will export to your email list without the complications that would happen if you skipped that step at the start.

If you haven’t already, you can sign up from a free trial account with VYPER. If you currently have an account, then you can move on to the integration walkthrough.

Once, you’re done, if there’s any doubt in your mind as to whether your integration is really hooked up the way it should be, you can look at your Export page again.

When the integration is successful, there should be a green outline around the Sendlane button in the email providers list like the image you’ll see below.

Now, all of the leads that you capture through a VYPER contest will be automatically transferred to the Sendlane list you picked earlier.

It’s of some importance to note that since this is a continuous importing process it can trigger autoresponders if they’re already in place with your chosen list.

That is to say, if the list you picked has automated sequences setup, then contacts who came via VYPER will begin receiving those automated emails.

If that was your intention, great! But if not or if you want a different sequence for these people altogether, then creating a separate list to house these new contacts is your best bet.

Use Case: Growing Your List With VYPER

A tool like VYPER can be especially impactful for e-commerce. Since email plays such a vital role in recurring revenue for this type of business, running a viral contest to grow a targeted and engaged email list can really pay off.

That was the case for a niche backpack company called Brevite. At the time of launching their contest, Brevite was a new e-commerce store with only 1,700 email contacts to call their own.

They knew they needed to grow their list to boost their market share and revenue so they chose to use VYPER to solve their problem.

They invest $3,000 in their giveaway but made sure that the products were in line with their current business to attract the right audience (Photographers).

They ran the contest for 15 days. At the end of it, they had managed to collect more than 41,000 emails subscribes AND they grew their social media following to over 14,000 across their various profiles (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube).

All of this, thanks in large part, to using VYPER and running a targeted contest.

You can do something similar for your own business, even if you’re not categorized as an e-commerce store. Bloggers who sell services, digital products or courses have used this tactic to grow their email list, as well.

When you’re planning on launching a viral contest, you first need to consider who your prime audience is in conjunction with what you sell.

What do these people love, want, or need?

Don’t go too broad and think of an iPad or Laptop—that sort of thing will bring in contacts who likely are not a good fit for your business.

Instead, focus on things that only your audience would be attracted to.

For example, Brevite offered 1st place a photographers backpack and drone for areal photography.

After you have those things decided on, you must put together a launch plan.

Aside from the investment in the prize(z) (FREE alternative - partner up with brands and get them to offer their products to the prize pool so you don’t have to buy them), you may also want to allocate funds to some of the tactics below.

If you have an existing audience (i.e. an email list and social following) then you might be able to rely on much of that for fueling your contest’s virality.

If not, or if your current customer base is small, you may need to spend time ahead of your launch doing outreach to influencers or companies who may want to partner up with you.

You may also want to consider using Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest ads to bring more of the right eyes to your contest.

Have your prize and contest guidelines for participating set. Move forward and launch the contest!

These steps are the basic ones that others have done and reaped the rewards for it.

One great thing about this type of marketing tactic is that if you find it works for you, you can rinse and repeat every so often to keep a steady flow of contacts coming in and freshening up your list.

For most marketers, going “viral” in the best possible way is simply a pipe dream. However, with VYPER and Sendlane working together, you can create an entertaining but goal-oriented contest that is designed to grow your email list in all the ways that matter.

You can sign up for a free VYPER account right here.

Do you think a viral contest would benefit your business? Let us know what your thoughts in the comments below.

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