Introducing - Emojis! Add An Extra Dose of Personality to Your Communications

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Thanks to emojis, our messaging and communications have become much more expressive.

From smiley faces ? to pizza slices ?, emojis have added an extra spark of personality to the way we communicate with our friends, family and even with leads and customers!

That’s why we’re excited to announce our official emoji release! ? This feature is now live within your Sendlane account! You can now use emojis of all kinds to spruce up your email marketing copy AND subject lines.

So let’s dive into what you need to know to become an emoji pro!

So Why Emojis

The battle for real estate in your contacts’ inbox is all too real.

In today’s world, marketers are embracing emojis as a way to not only liven up the inbox, but to connect and engage with recipients.

In fact, 56% of brands using emojis in their email subject lines had a higher unique open rate than subject lines that did not. And if that’s not enough, emojis have proven to lead to a higher response rate compared to traditional emails without emojis. ?

Now before you get all “emoji happy” in your emails... let’s talk about a few of the do’s and don’ts to make sure your emoji’s are appropriate AND effective as possible!

Emoji Best Practices

1. Consider How They Render Across Different Email Clients

Think of emojis as another font type.

If your contacts don’t have a particular font available on their device or their email client simply doesn’t support it, a default font will display in its place that may cause your message to look very out of sorts.

The same is true with emojis!

Instead of displaying your colorful little emoji ?, a gray generic square ◻️ will appear in its place taking your email from awesome... to average. (bummer, we know.)

So before you start sprucing up your next message with smiley faces ? and coffee cups ☕️, test how your message will display across top email clients and devices to make sure everything is in tip top shape.

2. Make Sure They Serve a Purpose (& Don't Overdo It)

Now, we all love those little faces ? red hearts ❤️ and sparkling yellow stars ? but remember, context is key so your emojis should always be relevant. Consider using emojis only to highlight important announcements and copy or to drive attention towards your CTA.

Not sure? Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do my emojis reflect my overall brand persona?
  2. Do my emojis make sense?
  3. Will my contact’s understand what I’m trying to communicate?
  4. Do my emoji’s add to or take away from my overall message?

3. Consider Your Target Audience ?

Now don't get us wrong, emoji's are great... but they can either make you or break you. So, If they don’t quite fit in with your audience they can come off as unprofessional pretty quickly.

Be sure to use emojis ONLY when you know your audience will respond favorably or when you already know that contact is familiar with your brand.

Emojis aren’t for everyone and depending on the email and audience, less may be more! ?

Emojis In Action ?

Take a look at how some of these well known brands strategically incorporate emojis in their subject lines to give their messages that extra "oomph" they need to make a statement in the inbox:

What do all these have in common? These brands have used emoji's in a tasteful yet fun way to draw attention to their announcements and promotions!

Start "Emojifying" Your Emails!?

Using emojis in your emails can be a great way to improve your overall engagement or give that open rate the boost you’ve been looking for. But above all, be sure the emojis you choose stay true to your brand and especially to your audience.

In fact to make things easier, click-through for a full list of emoji keyboard shortcuts for both mac and windows users!

Ready to add a little emoji action to your emails? Jump into your Sendlane account here and give it a try!  

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