Introducing Intelligent Pop-ups and How They’ll Help You Build Your Email List — Today!

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It’s a Bird.It’s a Plane.No, It’s — New Intelligent Pop-Ups!

Please excuse our nerding out. We can’t help but be over the top excited about our shiny new feature!

Why are we so happy, you may wonder?

Because of the new possibilities for email growth and higher converting marketing campaigns that are now wide open to you. For instance, 96% of people who come to your website aren’t ready to buy anything from you. (Say it isn’t so!)

Instead of them leaving, never to be seen again, you can capture their email. Then you can warm them up to your brand and send them offerings.

With our Intelligent Pop-ups, you can now easily create opt-in forms that capture their emails — and that’s just one way to use them. There are many ways this new feature can benefit your marketing efforts, and it’s all just in time for the holidays.

Three New Intelligent Pop-ups Built Right Into Sendlane

#1 - Inline

Your blog and page content is a great place to build your list and generate leads.

The inline form type integrates into your content with a line of code so you can customize your opt-ins per post to ensure leads are segmented into the right list.

These are perfect for when you’re pushing out a lot of blog content or if you’re building a page with a special offering.

If you’re a content creator or freelancer that uses content marketing to increase sales on digital products or services, you can create highly specific opt-ins for your blog content. This could include anything from PDF download to a free email course.

Then, using Sendlane’s advanced automation marketing features, you can build and trigger a workflow that sends them their free offerings while also segmenting them according to interest.

That way you can send them more personalized content and premium offerings as the need arises.

Another bonus of the inline forms is the option for embedding the HTML code of the form on your site. When you’re ready to publish your form, there’s an option to get the raw HTML code of your form.

To do that, when you’re on the Publish page you can click the “Show Raw Form” toggle over.

You can place this code anywhere HTML can render.

For example, if you use WordPress for your website, there are HTML widgets where you can copy-and-paste this code and have your form rendered in a sidebar or footer.

The same is also true if you’d like to show your form in a specific spot in a blog post.

You can switch the writing editor of WordPress from “Visual” to “Text” and paste the code into the section of the blog you want it to appear. When you publish the blog, your form will be live and ready to accept opt-ins.

It’s a little on the advanced side of things, but not too difficult to learn how to do.

#2 - Pop-ups

Pop-ups are still one of the highest converting form types, so we built a pop-up feature to help you utilize this powerful marketing tool.

One way you could use the form is to show a coupon code during a certain campaign you’re running. Studies show that 93% of people use the coupons they get through email campaigns.

For instance, if you’re an ecommerce store, you can offer a discount in exchange for an email address. Using the pop-up form, you can show your offering with the email opt-in form.

Once they opt in to your list, your thank you message can display the coupon that they can use right away.

On top of that, you can send them an email with the coupon for them to use later and to continually communicate with them to create an even better customer experience.

#3 - Banners

Whether you want a floating top bar or a bottom banner pop-up, we’ve got you covered. While you can easily configure the banners for email opt-ins, you can also use them (or any other form) to display announcements on your site.


You could be gearing up for a webinar, have a milestone in your business, or have an upcoming promo that you want to let your visitors know about.

Another element you can add to your forms is collecting a telephone number so you can utilize our SMS marketing feature.

Marketing messages via text have an astounding open rate of more than 82%. You can use the form builder to add a phone number input field and trigger a series of SMS texts after someone signs up through your banner.


To make signing up more appealing, aim for the convenience factor by displaying this SMS option only on a mobile device. From there, you have an effective way to get your marketing messages seen on your customers' favorite device — their cell phone.

Start Designing Your New Intelligent Pop-up Forms

Intelligent Pop-ups are now available in your Sendlane Dashboard. To start designing them, simply login to your account and navigate to “Forms” there in the left-hand menu.

Choose “Create New Form” and pick the new form type you’d like to create: 

  • Inline
  • Pop-up
  • Banner

After you’ve selected the form type, you’ll be taken to the design editor. There’s a lot here to build a great-looking form.

The main elements and input fields you can drag and drop into your form are as follows: 

  • Title 
  • Paragraph
  • Im age
  • Submit button
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Phone number

You can also create custom fields like a text field or a calendar field. One example of how you might use this is to collect and track GDPR compliance/acceptance. You can create a GDPR custom field and use the text element to ask them for a typed response.

That way you collect compliance data and can show you put in the effort to do so.Feel free to tweak and move your designs around, don’t be afraid to get creative. You can change the colors, fonts and font colors of every form you create.

Depending on the form type, you can decide where it’s positioned. For instance, the banner can be at the top or bottom of the page. A pop up can be either the center, the bottom left or the bottom right. 

Another great part of how we’ve built this feature what happens after someone signs up to your list. 

Let’s say that after someone signs up, you want to offer them a premium product at a low price (maybe an ebook or scheduling personal coaching session). After they sign up, you can redirect the page to any custom URL of your choosing. 

That could be a landing page with your product or service. This helps secure more revenue right at the moment someone is interested in your brand. 

Alternatively, you can show a thank-you message after they’ve opted-in. 

This is a text-based message where you can thank them for subscribing. However, you can also add URLs to this part of the form. 

If you’re offering a free PDF or something of the like, you can drop a link right into the form for them to instantly access your offer. 

The Settings is where the smart part of the forms really starts to shine. 

In the Audience & Triggers section of your form settings, you can give your form some parameters, such as: 

  • Device. Choose if you want it to show only on mobile, desktop or both. 
  • Display. When do you want your form to show? You can set it for immediately when the page loads, after a set amount of time, after they’ve scrolled down a % of the page or to trigger on exit intent.
  • Show on..: (aka Who sees what, when?) Not everyone should see the same form every time. You can decide what’s best by deciding if the form should be shown every visit, once per visitor, after a certain amount of visits, every time they visit X amount of times or on a specific URL. 

You can tweak and test as many settings as you want to find the best combination. But after you’ve tweaked your settings to your liking, you can publish it on your site. 

Save your form and then copy and paste the code in the header tag or your page you want the form to display on. If you want it to display on every page of your site, then add it to the header tag in your site settings. 

Go Get Your Pop-up On!

These intelligent pop-ups are now available for all Sendlane accounts, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. You can log into your account today to start building your new forms.

Sendlane is 100% free to try out, and this addition is just one small feature of our entire marketing automation stack.

Sign up for a free 14-day trial and see for yourself why so many others have made the switch.

Have any other features you’d love to see in Sendlane? Leave a comment below.

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