How to Make Your Next Launch a Massive Success (Phase 4 – The Encore)

11 Jan
How to Make Your Next Launch a Massive Success (Phase 4 – The Encore)

Over the last few weeks, we've been sharing a series of posts that help you build a high-performing funnel to support your next product launch. So far we’ve shown you how to warm up your audience, reveal your solution and release it to hungry buyers!

If you’ve followed the instructions (and adapted them to your audience and your solution)...... then you’ve launched, and the sales are flooding in. Congratulations!!!

You’re doing great. But could you be doing even better?


If you’re ready to keep driving sales, the final installment in our four-part series is all about crafting a powerful encore! The post-launch period is the perfect time to squeeze even more sales out of your launch.

So, get ready to walk through three encore emails that will help make your launch even more of a massive success.

16. The Snippet Email

This power performer will vary depending on your solution. It’s basically a teaser of your product or service, which you’ll send to anyone who hasn’t purchased yet.  (Speaking of which, are you familiar with our abandoned cart emails?

They're your life preserver to save lost leads who intended to purchase, but got distracted!) One kind of product/service that makes for a great snippet is courses.

Just clip a segment of video from your first class that’s full of the juiciest takeaways. Choose anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes that gives the best glimpse into what people have to gain by joining your course. If you’re selling tickets to a performance, send your contacts a snippet of the first date of the tour, or better yet a YouTube video of an entire concert.

If you’ve launched a physical product such as earbuds, send your contacts a video of happy customers dancing to their favorite music or running on treadmills — without the earbuds falling out. Or, an even better option for physical products is an unboxing video.

And if it’s a SaaS solution you’re selling, share a link to an extended demo video. (Instant access to a free trial works great too.)

Whatever your solution, get creative and SHOW your prospects what they’re missing! And if you find that there’s no way you can create a snippet of your solution, no worries. Because if you’ve surveyed happy customers about their purchase, you can always send your contacts a few of your best testimonials. For the copy of this email, keep it brief (but always enticing!). Something like:

“Hey, [First Name] here — wanted to give you a peek into yesterday’s first module. Over 850 participants found out exactly how to X”

or even

“We’ve got dozens of responses flooding in through Survey Monkey and you won’t believe what happened when Terrence installed Y.”  

When to send it: The day after Launch Day

Why this works so well

When people see your solution in action (or discover more about it through social proof), they’ll feel compelled to reap the same benefits. After all, they’ve made it this far down your funnel! They’re interested, and this email strengthens why they should get in on the goods — and what they’ll get when they do.

Check out how Jon Morrow of SmartBlogger does this:

17. The Last-Chance Email

“There’s still time!” Doesn’t that fill you with relief?

Do the same for your contacts, and let them know how much longer they have before it’s too late to join your course… before they miss their chance to buy that body balm (because it all sold out!)... before the doors close on their chance to get in shape for summer… before they can’t wait any longer to buy those tickets (because they’re GONE!)... You get the idea.

Let them know how much time they have, or how much inventory you have.Then give ‘em the link to buy while they still can!

When to send it: 2 days after Launch Day

Why this works so well

Urgency and scarcity are your friends because they drive your contacts to take action so they don’t miss out. Check out how Peloton does it:

18. The Downsell (or Upsell) Email

In this email, you introduce your contacts to another product or service that can benefit them. To really hit home, it should be similar to what you’ve just launched, because you already know that they’re interested in a solution along those lines. For example, if you just launched a conference with seminars for $1799, you could down sell a suite of tutorials for $599.

When to send it: 3 days after Launch Day

Why this works so well

You’ll find that a down sell (or an up sell) email can be especially effective when it’s the first of an entirely new sequence that takes your contacts into a whole new funnel. This way, if it wasn’t the right time for them to buy what you just launched, they can start on a fresh path to benefitting from your help in another way, and still becoming a satisfied customer.  

Take a look at how Hay House offers their card decks, often after a contact hasn’t purchased an online course:


Encore Wrap-up & Launch Recap

Launching your solution can be lots of nerve-wracking work brimming with uncertainty… … or it can be lots of strategized work that pays off!

We hope this series of articles has given you loads of insight and inspiration for making you next launch campaign a success. Because it equips you with even more than comprehensive info on how to send emails — it arms you with a full launch strategy too!

This series has shown you:

  • How to create a winning funnel (including how to craft content for your campaign, and how to get your readers EXCITED for everything you have to offer!)
  • How to craft 18 emails that SELL (with guidance on what to write for each, when to send each, why each one works… and examples to inspire you when you create your own)
  • How to leverage simple, awesome tools to convert your contacts (using persuasive copywriting techniques and content marketing strategies)

If you missed any of the other posts in the How to Make Your Next Launch a Massive Success series, here are some easy access links to parts 1-3:

When you use this four-part sequence as your framework, you’ll have a powerful way to drive those clicks and sales and get your solution out in the world, improving your customers’ lives.

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