How SMS Marketing Can Help Your Business Thrive

29 Mar
How SMS Marketing Can Help Your Business Thrive

Did you know that the average American checks their phone 80 times a day? Yup, it's true. We're addicted to our phones.

So if you need to get the attention of your leads and customers, send them a text message!Most online marketers today laugh at the concept of SMS (aka text message) marketing.

But that’s only because they don’t fully understand the potential of this channel.

Thankfully, this is where Sendlane comes in... We just released the latest iteration of our platform, that's now equipped with SMS marketing! So, let’s dive into the details of what SMS marketing really is, and how it can bring exceptional results for your business!

What Is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is one of the oldest digital options available to marketers. It involves sending a simple text message to your customers to reach them on the go. No bells and whistles. Just plain, old text.

But here’s the catch: You can’t just send out unauthorized text messages (it’s illegal), customers need to opt-in to receive your texts. But, this is super easy with Sendlane's custom webforms!

If you already have an opt-in form on your website, just add a field to grab the best phone number for your visitors and include an opt-in box to make sure they’re willing to receive texts from you before adding them to your list.

Then, once they’ve opted in, you can send them an automated welcome text confirming their subscription, and sharing more details about the texts they can expect from you in the future!


Benefits Of SMS Marketing

Before smartphones were all the rage, text messages were key to capturing a mobile audience.

For years, businesses have used them to share various brand-related news, sale alerts, product launches, discounts, offers, and more with their customers.

But here’s why SMS marketing is still relevant: While most businesses today are focusing solely on social media, email, and mobile ads, SMS is still lurking somewhere in the backdrop – waiting to be leveraged.

True, text messages are pretty basic. They don’t support a ton of fun colors, images or videos like email does.

But they are highly personalized, direct, and low-cost. And, the best part is, they’re used by every single person out there. Here are the top 7 ways SMS marketing can help your business grow:

1. Quick and Easy

You’d be surprised at how simple it is to put SMS marketing into action.

It’s like going back to the basics. Just text – nothing fancy!

You don’t have to worry about coding, templates, design, uploading images, or any other technicality.

You don’t even have to hire an expert. You can easily do it by yourself!All you need to do is to create an engaging text and send it to your contact list.

2. Highly Affordable

Bulk SMS rates can cost as low as 1 cent per text.Really – it doesn’t get any cheaper than that!

Most small businesses don’t have huge advertising budgets. For them, SMS is a godsend. It’s highly affordable, scalable, and delivers excellent results compared to other marketing channels.

And, since it's super easy to use, you never have to worry about paying to outsource!

3. Sensational Engagement Rates

There’s a reason SMS marketing still works: It has sky-high engagement rates.

In fact, 90% of all text messages sent get read within the first 3 minutes.

And compared to email marketing, SMS offers up to 8x higher engagement rates! If you think about it – these stats aren’t too surprising.

Your contacts have voluntarily signed up to receive your texts. This automatically makes them more likely to engage with you.

Plus, SMS is a highly personal communication channel. It lets you talk to your customers directly – regardless of where they are!

4. Interactive and Personalized Content

SMS marketing doesn’t have to be boring and static.

You can get contacts to interact with you by including clickable links inside your texts. Here’s how Macy’s sends out interactive SMS content to its customers:

Now, it doesn’t just have to be external links. You can also include a clickable phone number to make it easier for customers to contact you. Like this:

Getting customers to interact with your content helps you deliver personalized experiences – without being too intrusive.

But don’t forget – marketing texts are one way conversations so, be creative and think of the different ways you can engage contacts without asking for replies!

5. Flexible Usage

Wondering if SMS is right for your business?

It probably is! There’s a reason why small and large businesses alike invest heavily in SMS marketing.

Text messages are incredibly versatile – you can use send them for various purposes at any point in the customer journey.

Whether you want to announce a sale, offer a discount, or share news about your company – a short text message will do the trick! The best part is, you can always customize your texts for specific audiences – just like with email!

6. Supports Other Marketing Channels

It’s important that all your marketing channels integrate well with each other. And text messages are no exception.

Although SMS works great on its own, you can also use it to boost or support your marketing efforts on other mediums – like email and social media! Need to drive up your email open rates? Send your customers a quick text reminding them to check their inboxes for a pleasant surprise!

You can also use SMS marketing to keep customers updated about your social media activity – like when you publish a new blog post or share interesting news!

7. Instant Deliverability to a Wider Audience

Consider this: 67% of the world’s population owns a mobile phone. But only 46% has access to the internet! SMS doesn’t rely on an internet connection to work – adding it to your marketing mix can help you reach a wider audience.

And once you hit ‘send’, you can be sure customers will receive your text almost immediately!

This is especially great for businesses operating in developing countries, where internet services are unreliable or limited to certain areas.


SMS Marketing In Action

SMS marketing has loads of great benefits for your business.But if you’re not sure how to actually implement it – don’t worry!Here are a few ways you can use SMS marketing to engage your customers with real life examples!

Send Exclusive Offers

The best way to get contacts to stick around is to offer them exclusive deals and discounts they can’t resist! Here’s an example from World Market:

If your customers are voluntarily opting in to receive your texts, make it worth their effort!

If you don’t reward them for being loyal to you, chances are they’ll get bored and opt out sooner than you think.

Announce a Sale

SMS is not just about sending out discounts and free stuff. You can also use it to share news and updates with your customers! Here’s how Aldo gets people excited about their year-end sale:

SMS announcements instantly reach a much wider audience than other marketing channels. Even if they’re not connected to the internet, your customers will still receive your text!

Send a Birthday Wish

Want to be the first to wish your customers on their birthday? Send them a text!Here’s how Serenity does it:

Texts are usually the first thing people check as soon as they wake up. Make them feel all warm and fuzzy inside by remembering the days that mean a lot to them!


Ready To Use SMS Marketing?

It’s true. There’s no escaping mobile anymore. If you want your business to thrive, make sure you’re reaching customers on the go.

And SMS marketing is one of the most reliable and effective ways to do that.

Text messages are still widely used by nearly everyone who owns a mobile phone. Even by those who don’t use email! Remember, it’s not about the size of your pocket or using the newest technology. It’s about making smart decisions. It’s time to check out Sendlane's SMS Marketing and unlock its full potential. Are you ready?

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