Announcing Our Partnership With - Streamline Your eCommerce Business & Build Lasting Customer Relationships

2 Sep
Announcing Our Partnership With - Streamline Your eCommerce Business & Build Lasting Customer Relationships

Managing an online business isn't easy, especially when you have big plans for the future.

A growing business requires more time, energy, and resources to manage its front-end and back-end operations that keep it together!

Things like order management and billing management often suck up the time you could otherwise invest in creating a high-converting website and selling excellent products.

This is where's powerful billing management platform can help you out. is an integrated eCommerce order management and recurring billing platform that helps brands build lasting bonds with customers.

With, you'll worry less about the administrative side of things and focus more on marketing and building a great product instead!

Let's dig into how’s leading solution for direct-to-consumer and subscription commerce can help you grow your online business and easily integrate it with Sendlane!

What is is a flexible, reliable, and secure billing management platform with deep analytics that helps manage your online business's back-end operations.

Whether it's organizing your product catalog, managing orders and recurring billing, or getting a 360 view of your analytics —'s got you covered! allows you to seamlessly integrate with any front-end storefront, eliminating the need for numerous plugins (and lots of headaches).

Packed with these tools and more, can help you deliver a great customer experience and build lasting, loyal relationships in the long term.

Best of all, it can help you keep track of your sales and campaigns to maximize your revenue!

The platform supports over 450 integrations, including Sendlane, to connect your favorite software with it in a jiffy.

Using to grow your online business is an all-in-one solution to effectively manage the repetitive and operational tasks of your eCommerce store.

It offers tons of features and support to grow your business, increase sales, and retain loyal customers!

Here are some ways can help you grow your eCommerce business:

Improve your overall customer experience with a variety of eCommerce tools comes with plenty of features designed to boost customer experience on your website!


There's also an option to mix recurring payment products and one-time purchases in one single cart, making the checkout process simple and hassle-free. You can even increase your customer lifetime value (CLV) through personalized buying experiences made up of tailored offers and post-purchase upsells.

Another great feature of is that it doesn't restrict your customers to a single payment method. Along with credit card payments, lets them make purchases through Amazon, ApplePay, PayPal, and Square. The ability to manage multiple MIDs within one campaign is where the platform really shines. This feature minimizes the risk of falling out of payment compliance and maximizes the processing power.

Another way helps improve customers' experience is by giving them control over their orders, plans, and billing and shipping information. They can easily manage everything through a membership portal!


Effectively manage your products & make transaction processing a breeze

Planning to scale your eCommerce business? You'll likely soon end up with an extensive catalog with too many products to handle!

With, it's super easy to manage all your product data.

You can create product bundles or allow customers to build their own bundles, manage variants based on size, color, or any other attribute, create hierarchical product groupings of similar products, and manage product versions with or without serial numbers.

All of this is useful in developing a streamlined product strategy across multiple sales channels!

Get actionable insights with 360-degree real-time data


With's real-time analytics dashboards, not only can you get an overall view of your business's health, but also dive deeper into the sales trends of particular products through smart segmentation and filters. automatically calculates key metrics and gives detailed cohort data to help you understand trends over time!

You can easily create comprehensive reports to assess your business performance, and make data-driven decisions to maximize your eCommerce revenue!

Prevent fraudulent activity with high-level data & legal security's enterprise-level security helps you prevent any digital fraud.

Your online business can often fall victim to suspicious activity like fraudulent transactions, but's AI-powered prescreening feature can detect such activity and stop it before it happens!


The platform's advanced fraud protection also regularly detects and scores high-risk profiles and any suspicious login activity, to give you maximum security.

Integrating with Sendlane

Integrating the two platforms lets you automatically sync leads from your website with your email list in Sendlane, helping you grow your list, send automated emails, and more!

This integration allows you to consolidate all of your eCommerce data into one centralized place to start sending hyper-personalized messaging that turns your shoppers into loyal, lifetime customers.

Just follow this step-by-step guide to integrating with Sendlane.

Deliver better customer experiences on your online store with

Running an online store can get hectic pretty fast, especially when your business is continuously growing.

Now is the time to invest in a complete back-end management solution like so you can focus instead on designing a beautiful store and filling it with quality products!

With an advanced platform handling your day-to-day tasks, optimizing your website experience, and giving you top-notch security at all times, it becomes easier than ever to build lasting customer relationships and grow your business.

Ready to see what can do for your business? Get started right here.

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