Track Your Customer Journey & Send Laser-Targeted Emails With Sendlane Beacon

Tracking your customer’s journey through your website can give you valuable insights into their behavior and interaction with your brand.

This can help you create micro-targeted segments and more personalized automations!

Sendlane Beacon is a pixel-based tracking tool that helps you do just that.

You can easily install the Beacon on your WordPress website or any of its pages to start tracking events and conversions.

Why you should track website visitors

Tracking your customer’s journey can help you understand their likes and dislikes, as well as how they interact with your website.

One way to use this information is to create content that is more relevant to your customers, which will ultimately help improve your engagement and conversion rates.

You could even grow your sales using this insightful data!

For example, ecommerce businesses can track the products most viewed by their contacts to send them personalized product recommendations.

Check out how retail brand Zee and Co. uses website tracking information to send personalized emails to their visitors.

By identifying the pages that shoppers browsed on their website, this company was able to create targeted product recommendations for each visitor.

Website tracking can also help you answer some important questions like:

  • Where are your visitors coming from?
  • What are they searching for on your website?
  • How long do they spend on a particular page?
  • What do they do after making a purchase?

Understanding customer behavior can help you evaluate your existing marketing campaigns, see what's working for you and what's not, and create better campaigns in the future.

Website tracking can also help you learn how well your landing pages are doing. Find out what kind of visual or text-based content is doing well or not to minimize your bounce rate.

Ready to find out how you can implement all of this in Sendlane? Keep reading!

How to get started with Sendlane Beacon

Using Beacon not only helps you understand the behavior of your website visitors, but also lets you boost your marketing campaigns with cross-channel retargeting.

Consider a scenario where a visitor came to your website, browsed through your products, but went away without making a purchase.

With Sendlane Beacon, you can retarget these visitors with ads on social channels or emails to lure them back to your site and complete their purchase.

You can also track campaign performance using Sendlane’s robust tracking and analytics dashboard—see the exact ROI generated and take actions to improve your future campaigns.

Let's find out how you can install Beacon on your website, and set up conversion rules and event tracking in Sendlane:

Note: To get started with Beacon, make sure you're able to edit the code of your website or any pages you want to track.

1. Setting up conversion rules

From the menu on your left, navigate to Beacon → Conversion Rules.

Click on Install Beacon. Copy and paste the full script into the header code of each page you want to track conversions for.

This code will help you track your website visitor activity.

Now you can set up your conversion rules. Give your conversions a name, assign values and mention the URL of the page you wish to track.

Click on Create to finish setup.

You’ll be taken to your conversion rules dashboard, where you can track conversions of each rule and make changes if required. You can also grab your tracking code on this page.

2. Setting up event tracking

From the menu on your left, navigate to Beacon → Events.

Find and click on New Event on the top-right of your screen, name your event and add a short description to help you remember what it is.

You’ll be taken to your events dashboard, where you can click on Get Code to grab a snippet for your specific event.

Copy and paste the code within the header of the web page you are tracking this event for.


Learn how subscribers interact with your website using Sendlane Beacon

Tracking the website behavior of your contacts can help you dive deeper into their customer journey and create personalized messages for each stage.

With Beacon, you can finally track this journey, create tailored retargeting messages and access in-depth analytics to help you figure out the exact ROI generated from your campaigns.

Ready to see the power of Sendlane Beacon for yourself? Grab your 14 day free trial of Sendlane right here.

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