Your Guide to Sendlane Deliverability

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Picture this:

You spend hours building a stunning email, and then you send it to your highly targeted list of contacts. But your email still ends up getting bounced or (gasp) thrown into in the junk folder!

Sound familiar? That’s because tons of businesses face this problem time and time again, but aren’t sure how to deal with it.

In fact, 1 out of 6 emails never makes it to the intended recipient!

The problem has less to do with what your email looks like, and more with how it’s being sent and who it’s being sent to.

And this is what email deliverability is all about.

In this post, we’ll help you learn about email deliverability and how Sendlane sends your emails to ensure they successfully reach your audience.

Let’s get started!

What is email deliverability?

Email deliverability is how likely an email is to successfully land in a recipient’s inbox.

Every email goes through a series of stringent, complex, and largely unknown checks carried out by Email Service Providers (ESPs), such as Gmail and Outlook, before reaching an inbox.

Since ESPs are constantly changing the rules regarding which email gets through and which doesn’t, there’s no magic formula that can guarantee a 100% email deliverability rate.

However, you can increase your deliverability by following certain best practices, such as using a reliable email platform like Sendlane!

How Sendlane sends your emails and boosts deliverability

There are several events that any email goes through before reaching subscribers’ inboxes. These events are triggered as soon as you press that “send” button.

Most other email marketing services rely on third-party platforms and ESPs for delivering emails, which means that these services have little to no control over whether your emails actually land in your subscribers’ inboxes.

At Sendlane, we do things a bit differently—our platform has its own unique infrastructure responsible for delivering emails.

Meaning that we use a proven combination of techniques, such as send time optimization and suppression lists, to significantly boost your email deliverability!

To help you better understand what happens to your email after you press send, here are six steps of sending an email with high deliverability using Sendlane.

Step 1: You create an email

The first step is to create and send an email that’s engaging and relevant.

This involves crafting a personalized and relevant subject line, ensuring that your email content delivers value and choosing the right email audience for your campaign.

Use Sendlane Experiments to run multivariate tests on your emails and find the best-performing combination of design elements and copy!

Ideally, you should target your email at a specific segment or list of subscribers, instead of sending it to all your contacts.

To ensure your email lists are healthy, you should regularly clean them to get rid of inactive or outdated contacts. Learn how Sendlane’s automatic list hygiene can help you do that!

Step 2: You send the email

Once you’ve designed a beautiful email and chosen the target audience, all you need to do is press “send,” and your email will be on its way!

But make sure you’re sending your email at the right time.

Sticking to a predictable and consistent schedule helps you avoid getting red-flagged by ESPs. Plus, your subscribers will be more likely to engage with your emails as they’ll be expecting to receive them!

In Sendlane, you can choose one of the three options below to send your email.


  • Schedule the email: Emails will be sent to recipients at a specified time and date.
  • Send immediately: Emails will send to recipients immediately after you hit send.
  • Send with Machine Learning Open Predictability: Emails will send separately to each recipient at the optimal time identified by AI.

Your email delivery schedule is something that you have full control over—you can manually choose the send time, or let Sendlane take care of it for you.

With Machine Learning Open Predictability, though, there’s a higher chance that your subscribers will open and engage with your email!

Note: Emails sent through Sendlane automatically include an opt-out option for subscribers to comply with anti-spam laws.

Step 3: Sendlane works its magic

Once you hit that “send” button, your job is done, but Sendlane is still working in the background to make sure your email successfully reaches your audience!

First, your email and recipient list will be packaged and sent to be processed by Sendlane’s servers.

Then, it will send your campaign to its email delivery platform!

To optimize efficiency and speed up email delivery, Sendlane will divide your bulk emails into smaller batches.

And, to improve your email deliverability, Sendlane also automatically creates suppression lists for you.

For example, let’s say that one of your recipients has an invalid email address. Every time you send out an email to the particular contact, the email will hard-bounce. 

With Sendlane’s email delivery platform, these addresses will be added to a suppression list to lower your bounce rate and improve sender reputation!

Step 4: Email reaches your recipient’s ESP

After Sendlane has optimized your email for delivery, it will be sent to your recipient’s ESP (Google, Outlook, Yahoo, or any other platform your recipient uses).

Now comes the time where the ESP’s spam detectors will start scanning your email.

Each ESP has a unique algorithm to filter out spam emails, but here are a few standard things most ESPs check:

  • Domain reputation of any links inside an email
  • Domain and IP reputation of the sender
  • Image vs. text ratio
  • Sender reputation
  • Engagement rate

So, what if an ESP deems your email as spam?

Each ESP handles spam differently—some may simply send your email to the junk folder, while others may allow the recipient to block individual email addresses entirely.

Note: Some native apps, such as Apple Mail and Microsoft Outlook, run their own level of spam detection.

Step 5: Email reaches your recipient’s inbox

Once the ESP has cleared your email, your email will finally land in your subscriber’s inbox.

But don’t celebrate just yet! Whatever happens at this stage depends on how the recipient reacts to your email.

If your subject lines are relevant and intriguing, and your content is full of value, your contacts will likely open and engage with your email, further improving your sender reputation.

On the other hand, if your subscriber doesn’t find your email relevant and intriguing, and pushes them to unsubscribe or mark you as spam, it will negatively affect the deliverability of all your future emails!

We’ve said this before, and we’ll say it again; this is why it’s crucial to personalize your emails and optimize them for deliverability right from the start!

Improve email deliverability with Sendlane’s reliable platform

Email deliverability can be a confusing topic for most marketers, but knowing how it works will help you choose a reliable email platform that’s fit for your business.

With Sendlane’s native infrastructure and advanced deliverability optimization features, you can be sure that your emails are in good hands!

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