Introducing Sendlane Experiments - Multivariate Testing

A/B testing doesn’t work. 

That’s sort of bold thing to say, considering the entire marketing world touts the power of split testing in your marketing efforts. 

Don’t get me wrong — A/B testing is powerful. And, yes, I think everyone should be doing it. 


There’s a flaw. 

Especially when it comes to how split testing works with email marketing. 

Generally, A/B split test is where you test two or more versions of the same email with a different variable – like a subject line and you optimize it for most opens or clicks.

A small increase can make a world of difference. Compounded month over month, that small boost could mean a significant impact. 

And sure, in the long term this kind of works for increasing your open or click rate, but that’s where the measurement stops. ]

And that there lies the problem.

In this day and age with the rise of the data-driven email marketer, our number one goal is to optimize everything

But to do that you need: 

  • Data driving creativity with concrete data to drive said creativity  
  • Behavior personalization through segmented, targeted campaigns 
  • Data leads to predictable ROI of marketing campaigns
  • Real-time measurement and insights of contact engagement  
  • And (quite frankly) so much more. 

Data-driven marketers crave the ability to control and test more things than just a subject line or preview text in emails. 

That’s why today, I’m proud to introduce our newest and latest Sendlane feature aimed at giving you more of what you need. 

Say hello to Sendlane Experiments

Sendlane Experiments:
For Data-Driven Email Marketing

Sendlane’s new Experiments is multivariate testing that gives you the ability to test a variety of campaign components in up to four email versions. 

Let’s take a deeper look at just what that means really. 

1. Testing Components and Creating Different Versions

Within the Experiments feature, you have a lot of control over what you can test and how many email versions you can create. Now you have the power to test any combination of the following: 

  • Subject Line 
  • Preheader text 
  • Body Content

As mentioned above, you can create up to four split test emails in each experiment while testing up to twelve unique variables. 

A.K.A. more testing options to gather more of the data that matters for smart marketing decisions. 

Do you want to…

Test the length of emails and how it affects revenue? Or maybe you want to test unique personalizations of email vs generic vague emails to see what drives more clicks?

Or maybe you want something simple like test the color of a button in the body of an email to see if that impacts CTR… 

Whatever the idea or test is — big or small — you can do and we’ll support you with the right data. 

2. Setting Goals and Audience Size

Another exciting ability we’ve added to this feature is giving you the power to: 

  • Choose and set what percentage of your email audience will get the split test emails
  • Set the time frame in which you want to test
  • Set the goal of the campaign: to improve opens, clicks, or revenue. 

After that, a delicious concoction of automated optimization begins! 

3. Letting the System Determine The Winning Email and Deploy

The most exciting part of this Experiments feature is that once you’ve set up the % of people to get your split test and all that other fun stuff listed above, you can then sit back and let the system decide the best email for you! 

That’s right. 

You don’t need to look at the data and manually decipher your winner. 

Our platform will automatically find it for you and then send that one out to the rest of your list!

Can I get a booyah? 

Once the Experiment is complete, you can dive into the data and learn about what happened with all the emails that you tested to see which one came out on top as the winner. 

You can see data on

  • How many people received each variation?
  • What was the open rate?
  • What was the click rate? 
  • How much revenue did it generate? 

It’s that simple and powerful and exactly what data-hungry marketers need to move through a fast-paced marketing world.

Get Started with Sendlane Experiments Today

Campaign optimization is important. 

However, many tools hem you in with too few options, but not this time. With Sendlane Experiments, you can test more of what matters in moving the needle in your eCommerce email marketing efforts. 

By giving you the ability to expand what you can test you can now broaden your view to find what is really working and proceed to dial in your email marketing and further optimizations along the way. 

To learn more about getting Experiments up and running, you can check out this article here.

At Sendlane, our goal was to give eCommerce email marketers like you the ability to optimize and maximize their email marketing. From split testing a button color to tracking browser behaviors to improve automated personalization, we’ve got you covered. 

Experiments is now available for all users and available to try for 14 days for FREE! Get started with your trial today!  

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