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How Switching To Sendlane Helped Pawz 3x Deliverability

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PAWZ is an online apparel company undertaking the goal of turning America into a no-kill animal shelter zone.

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Executive Summary

Five years after starting their mission to save the 3.7 million animals euthanized each year, PAWZ had grown a successful eCommerce brand. As they continued to grow, email marketing proved to be one of the main drivers of revenue, but it was clear something wasn’t quite right. A deeper dive into their email marketing health revealed some issues that would make even a seasoned marketer cry. A lack of support caused the brand to go hunting for a new ESP.  

A switch from Klaviyo to Sendlane resulted in PAWZ tripling their deliverability and a substantial increase in ROI from email in a short amount of time... Cue the fireworks! 🎉


Deliverability rate jumped from 30% to above 90%


Increase in ROI from email in 6 months


When faced with the sad reality that one animal is unnecessarily euthanized every seven seconds, PAWZ aims to help turn America into a no-kill shelter zone. Making that change a reality is no easy feat.

Since the launch of their company, PAWZ has raised more than $500,000 for its cause. Intending to do more, they needed help to get the most ROI out of their email marketing.

From his personal experience as a long-time marketer, current CEO Julian Quintaes knew that personalization and email automations would be key. However, after purchasing the company from the original owner, it was evident that the domain needed helping hands to improve the deliverability.    

The lack of support from their current ESP in this critical area drove the brand to search for a platform that offered support and guidance with the issue while providing the eCommerce capabilities they needed.

"Due to the [previous owner] hitting the email list in a very reckless way, our email deliverability was severely compromised and affected any and all email efforts. We didn’t have any support or any feedback from Klaviyo’s deliverability side."


PAWZ got in touch with Sendlane for help and gained access to a dedicated team of deliverability experts, fast one-on-one support, and Sendlane’s comprehensive marketing automation platform.

With expert advice and ongoing support, PAWZ partnered with Sendlane to rehab the domain and improve their email deliverability issues. As a result, their rates quickly jumped from a mere 30% to above 90%.

Sendlane’s Deep-Data Shopify integration, segmentation, and personalized automation capabilities gave PAWZ the ability to provide customers a chance to experience a customized journey with the content they wanted to see and engage with.

"Sendlane hopped in and created all the flows and we couldn’t have been more pleased with how it was done. As a customer, we had to do nothing. It was probably the easiest transition I’ve had with a service provider."


The high level of customer support and exceptional deliverability Sendlane provides were the driving factors in PAWZ switching from Klaviyo.

  • Deliverability — “Thanks to help from the Sendlane Team of email experts, deliverability has been the best it’s ever been after switching from Klaviyo.”
  • White-Glove Account Management — “The customer service at Sendlane is remarkable compared to any other ESP. Their responsiveness and responsibility were a big, big, driver in us moving to them.”
  • Deep-Data Shopify Integration — “The deep-data Integration with our store has been a game-changer. Being able to systematically and strategically collect valuable customer data and then create Shopify segments and automations as we can with Sendlane has been one of the most impactful things for PAWZ’s email marketing success.”

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